How long did it take for you to learn your first infinite?

I’ve been playing this for a while already, even back when it wasn’t on PSN/Live, and I’m not really interested in using top tier characters, except I personally feel like I truly won’t be ready to train to play competitively until I can successfully learn an infinite (life’s small goals). But every time I try, I can’t seem to get a break. I’m starting to think that people who play this just have an entire different mentality and vantage point of fighting games.

So I was wondering if it’s just me, I’ve only tried for maybe the past five months sparingly, but when I do it’s for a good while. How long did it take you to learn (not necessarily pull off in a fight) your first one?

Took me maybe a week to learn to rom with Magneto, plus another week to get consistent about it.

Actually being able to pull it off in a match was an entirely different thing.

Learning Ironman’s infinites was quite a bit easier, since I had been playing for a while at that point, and since most of the difficulty is in the setups themselves rather than the infinite.

Unflying with Ironman took about another week of serious practice to get the reps down, especially since its a bit different by character size. Air to ground wasn’t too hard to learn once you get the motions for unflying down well.

Cyclops infinite made me cry though, took me like 2 weeks to get past 30 hits, and I stopped playing him for awhile and now I can barely do two reps -_-

My first one was IM infinite in like 2002, it took 1 hour to get the concept of changing around the rep sequence when they got low etc (i used psy assist to knock them up:clapdos:)

Infinites are nice to do in training, but in real combat it’s tough shit, since the opponent doesn’t stand around waiting to be comboed. I wish my opponents did.

That and you end up doing 1 dmg each hit eventually anyways.

Infinites, after a certain amount of hits, are not about damage. It’s about establishing pace, space, and manipulating the fight into positions of your favor… and also it sets up resets. Once you get past the flash of the combos, you can appreciate dynamics they add to (your) the game.

I learned to do Ironmans infinite in about 20 minutes just a little while back, still working on landing it in a match though, but then, I’m not a real serious IM player.

A week to actually get blackhearts one down properly when they start bouncing around in a match from the Hk sj demons its over. Still havent got Jin’s and Dooms ones down though

I quickly went to work on the Ironman infinite after seeing Julius Jackson pull it off in a match years ago. I had it down pat after a few days, but landing it in a match and ending it with a Proton Cannon took me a lot longer.

I learned Mags ROM on a controller first, then transferred the timing to stick. That took at least two solid weeks of practice. I read pretty much every thread on the subject until I got it down pat.

Storms normal jump infinites are easy. It’s the triangle jump ones I’m still working on. That, and Mags slide and rainbow infinites.

ROM was just a couple hours (gamefaqs + mvc2 cab at university). could rom to 40 to unmashable no problem. along the years of playing I’ve acquired different variations and ways to control it of course

ironman infinite probably even less. made myself get consistent with his launch, upFP, add lp, upFP setup so I could actually use it.

couple hours each to learn slide infinite, unfly infinite, s.HK infinite on DC pad. then I had to transfer to arcade setup (wasn’t too hard) but of course, after a certain point the concepts and ability to do infinites become pretty easy. especially stuff like trijump infinites. you also can start making variations, sometimes new/useful, of infinites.

there are definitely trickier infinites out there.

I understood the concept for IMs infinite a2g, but never had a good setup (no console, or stick) to actually practice. once I had a chance, got it in several hours in training mode. still couldn’t do it well in actual games yet. pulled it off one day while playing, went back to training mode to experiment for a couple hours, and then the next time I was pretty consistent with it (and have only gotten more consistent since)

learned other infs along the way, but don’t really play the characters so probably can’t pull off the other ones.

Most infinite’s are easy enough to learn. Normally easier than they look… main problem most peope run into… is stopping for a 1/2 sec to admire their own handiwork… which kills it.

IM standard infinite is probably the one to learn… I remember learning a lot about the inf concept in general while practicing it.

Most important infinite to learn is double snap > catch assist > launch to death (or kill point, catch assist). Most practical with Mag, Storm, or Psy on point. No coincidence they’re the best rush team. Strider is pretty OK at catching it too, especially if he catches his opponent with orbs as they call assist. Anyone else?

Like other peeps said, most infinites aren’t about damage really. They’re about meter, stalling, setting up resets, and positioning. Iron Man is a different story of course. He’s the most infinite-centric character and tacking on 40 hit Proton Cannon at the end of infinites means his damage is sick even when each hit is only 1 point. Mag ROM is nice to know but is not critical to winning usually…you’ll get more mileage out of double snaps and flying screen resets off short, easy combos. Less chance of screwing up, too.

I find it easiest to learn the rhythm of infinites (or anything timing intensive, really) from the sounds. Listen to Iron Man go hup ha ha ha! hup ha ha ha! and time yourself accordingly. It’s just practice, one way or another.

I’d have to disagree about your ROM comment. I feel ROM is very important to know and can be critical. unless you’re like yipes or something, most other, not top players (heck even top players. I can’t count how many matches I’ve seen where you’re like “WHY DID HE GO FOR A RESET? COULDA JUST KILLED HIM!”) I feel would win a lot more if they treated ROM like IM’s infinite.

I like Mixup’s gameplay because you always see him ROM to max, 1 reset (if necessary), and then unmashable and then DHC (if necessary)

double snaps can help you a lot…if you get it. it’s way less common to get a double snap than a ROM opportunity.

I don’t feel you get more mileage off a (FS or not) reset. you have MORE of a chance of screwing up. just as much execution wise, but moreso with them blocking correctly or worse (worse for you)

especially like with teams with buff dhcs or IM on it. ROM to 40, unmashable, DHC is the most practical thing you can do (j360 knows what’s up!).

It can save you and get you out of sticky situations. execution and inescapable guard breaks are always better than mixup attempts (from them coming in) and resets. people just need to step up that execution. ever since I started playing and using teams that do really well off of 40 hit roms and played as such, I noticed the players I play with started doing the same. less resets (if at all) and ROMing to max.

if you’re playing people as good or better than you in a tourney, you better go for the damage/safety. FS resets/resets in general are nice, but guaranteed damage/kill/300% (with IM) is obviously better

I agree in theory but almost everyone drops ROM in pressure situations. Everyone, even Yipes, Soo, etc. And yeah, totally agree that lots of people let low life characters off the hook going for unnecessary resets when guaranteed ROM or other damage would kill…hell, I do that way too much too, probably just too focused on keeping the pressure on and not focused enough on how low the life is.

Five fierce + assist is getting 80ish damage and a hugely advantageous situation with a minimum amount of chances to screw up. ROM to full into DHC is going to be more, but there’s far more chances to screw up, and Mag will be DHCed out. Depending on your team and the life situation, that may or may not be what’s best. I think your argument works well for Combofiend and my argument works well for other Mag teams that don’t feature IM. And of course IM is a different story altogether, of course you’re going for full infinite with him.

I’m not saying it gets dropped. nothing’s 100% but even then, plenty of the top players, and others, GET it in pressure situations too. mixup, hyo, j360, schmidt (more during endgame), etc.

point was, you said it was “nice to know” & “not critical to winning” which is false IMO. people would get a lot more wins than they instead of doin’ them resets constantly…especially against better opponents. and of course near midgame/endgame it’s definitely critical.

ROM to 40 > unmashable does more than 5 fierce…and then you can always DHC for the kill and keep the offensive even if not IM. yes mags is out…but there are plenty of ways to get him right back in though it’s usually not necessary (ROM to corner, corner HGxxMT, DHC Hail, addfFP, tag)

you’re still in a bigger advantage doing a full ROM, maybe 1 to 2 resets AT MOST, ROMing again, unmashable. while it does involves resets, ROM is still the major aspect and is more than just “nice to know”.

you have just as much a chance to screw up the FS reset, and then still the chance for it to be stopped/blocked/countered into you getting hit.

I would say my argument against “nice to know” “not critical” is for all mag teams. I’m not totally dissing resets, but sometimes only 1 is needed if any. just step up that execution.

like I said, the people I play with started doing the same (especially midgame to endgame), not only obviously to kill me better, but because they know that if they don’t kill and I hit them, I WILL ROM them to death, no resets (well, 1, if any, and always in corner with ways to get them if it doesn’t work), no chance for escape, and inescapable GB in the corner, ROM to death next to characters (demon hyo knows what’s up!)

I agree with beats… not only is ROM more effective overall IMO but it can actually be safer sometimes. Mags has some stupidly effective resets with a number of dif assists… psy obviously the best… but a well timed (or maybe lucky) counter assist call ruins em a lot… and begins some chaos that might allow your opp to land god knows what… not that its likely… but it happens. Rom on the other hand is in most cases based entirely on execution… so if you’ve got it down… you’ve got it down. It’s not “harder” to rom when you have less characters/less health… people just become afraid to fuck up… even at higher levels of play it would seem.

DHC option after 40 is gonna be better… prolly gonna be a char kill… and if its an msp your player… your left with storm in to wreck shop OR build two more meters to DHC mags back in… pretty decent scenario.

it’s definitely safer. more guaranteed. execution isn’t an issue to bring up IMO, and if you do, you have to account it for resets too and should account the reset attempt not working.

there are plenty of players who have the execution down and you see it in tourneys (j360, mixup, like all others even) regardless, it’s not a valid argument IMO. when I have my right stick, I don’t even remember the last time I effed something simple as a ROM. perhaps like 2% mess up rate of IM a2g too (and that’s only because the weird japanese stick). seriously work up your execution for something as simple as ROM.

I don’t mess up ROM any more or less than anyone else does. I was commenting based on the first few posts in the thread and the OP. You gotta learn to walk before you can run.

eh, perhaps

perhaps…but that’s much different from saying rom is nice/not critical.

anywayz…learning ROM would be the “walking” before resets which would be the “running” imo

ROM isn’t even that hard, as this thread is about infinites, and should be learned right away. that was one of the first things I learned, long before expanding with resets in my game. I would always ROM to corner, 1 corner reset, ROM, unmashable. it’s too good. and is guaranteed/fundamental imo.

I’ve seen/played too many new players (heck, even some people who’ve been playing a while) who are all about resets or started playing after seeing yipes and want to do all these resets, and wonder why they can’t win/beat me. They need put all the reset BS on hold (at least until they get a better grasp of the game) and do guaranteed damage with ROMs. while there are definitely other things new players need, this would help them tremendously once/if they get the hit.

if this weren’t an infinite thread, you may be right, do 5 fierce…if they can’t execute…but learning to execute that ROM is more beneficial. if you can’t execute don’t play mags, or don’t expect to get too far.

so I agree about walking before running, just in a different sense :tup:

Online might be a diff story tho… a lot of times things are all good and you could ROM no probs… other times the input and/or connection lag that is sometimes present will have you dropping people outta ROM. I haven’t played much mags online but when facing him… a lot of the time I get dropped outta the inf…

people seem to stick w/the resets online… or often times just launch, magic, ad, magic xx grav xx tempest DHC…

Beats is providing some good insights. The thing about “hard” combos that most people who are trying to learn them don’t realize is that 9 times out of 10, the supposed difficult combos are fairly easy-- it’s just that a new player isn’t able to break down all the variables and approach the execution issues efficiently. What an inexperienced player may call “Timing” in terms of the Rom is further broken down by an OG into Hit-stun, Spacing, Height, character-specific Height and Hitboxes, etc.