How long did it take to adjust to a arcade stick?

Been having mine for at least 2-4 weeks now and well I’m barely getting used to it I still can’t find a good way to hold the stick every position I try has a downside for me like not being able to do a backwards shoryuken or a backwards quarter circle and such. Still can’t do Guile ultra combo too -.- Been having trouble pulling off combos online though cause the square gate annoys me

How long did it take for you guys to get used to the stick and also to remember combos ? In your guys experience was execution better for you guys when you switched your restrictor gate ?

I’d say about a good month or two. …i remember when I first ordered my stick I couldnt do anything on it, I had been playing pad so long but it was just an adjustment period…and although it was awhile ago (I’ve been playing stick for a few years now), looking back on it…my execution was probably just ass…lol…

i thought I hated my square gate the first couple weeks i had my stick… It was hard for me to DP. and do fireballs…, so I ordered an octo/8 way one…only to install it and hate it more lol… it was way too loose/free, so I switched back to square gate and sucked it up.

I just grinded it out and eventually I just got comfortable…i dont think the way I hold my stick is even on the internet…its a hybrid I think of a couple of them…just do what works for you…you’ll adjust…now I cant even play on pad…

Been asking people around here on the gates and they told me the same thing so I’m not really sure about ordering one
Im trying to have a hybrid one but it just messes me up during online play
Can you do combos with ease now ? I still can’t do a simple combo sometimes.

yeah, I can pretty much hit every combo i’ve practiced with ease w my character…like I said its just an adjustment process. really be mindful of your inputs…fightsticks are unforgiving. you have to be a little more precise than you may have been used to with a pad…

I think i read somewhere with a square gate, that beginners tend to over do thier joystick inputs…try for smaller, more precise motions. go to training mode and turn on your inputs and try to do a few specials you may be having trouble with and glance over to your input log to see if you did them right.

I tried doing them with little precise motions but it feels so damn weird
Yea i’ll try that I really want to be getting better at combos I wish I wasn’t so damn busy that I can practice all day

I literally just got a stick and had a chance to play on it for the first time earlier today. I’ll say this because I quickly found it to be MY main problem with execution: make sure you finish the motion before pressing the button! I know that is obvious and it sounds stupid but after not being able to consistently hit my special moves obviously it was an input problem, so I watched the input feed on the screen, and what do ya know: it was reading my button press BEFORE the last bit of the motion. The buttons on a good stick are far more sensitive than on pad, which would explain the early press. As far as combos and such, that’s just relearning the muscle memory. Anyway, hope that helps a bit.

I disagree with how everybody says the most comfortable way to hold the stick is the best way. I am a former competitive table tennis player and I view holding the stick the same way you hold a paddle. You must be able execute swings/strokes on both sides of the table equally and easily. When playing table tennis, they recommend a grip for beginners. I am recommending you a grip for stick.

The Daigo grip

You can adjust your grip to find something that is comfortable but you overall grip should resemble this. This grip allows you to hit any type of motion precisely on both the 1P and 2P sides.

Here are tips on how to improve your accuracy and precision with your grip and other common grips that are out there. I still recommend the grip I mentioned above.

TheBlackHombre has a point. I used to think whatever is comfortable works, but I remember seeing a video a while back where Daigo explains why his grip is best, and specifically pointed out a problem I have as being a tendency for people that use the grip I learned. I’ve yet to make the adjustment, but if you’re just starting I’d recommend the Daigo grip. You can still do execute whatever you want with any grip you choose (hence why I haven’t switched), but it seems like the Daigo one lends itself best to accurate and efficient motions.

It took me at least a month to START to get used to it, and it’s still a process to truly master it.

I say use whatever grip is comfortable for you, AND you’re able to hit all corners of the stick easily and accurately. I personally use the Daigo grip, but that’s just what feels best for me. You can experiment with all the different types of grips that people use, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one you want to use.

I still maintain that you should use whatever is comfortable. Just because Daigo uses his style of grip, doesn’t make it THE grip to use, and that everyone should use. Plenty of top players execute just fine without holding the stick like he does, and everybody has a different hand size, shape, and makes different motions, for the stick, so there is never truly a singular style of grip that will work.

That’s just my opinion though.