How long did it take to win your first match?.... Round?


So this is my first fighting game and trust me it shows. I don’t expect to be great or even good in my first few days or weeks. I am just not seeing how I can get better getting worked online though. I have played 34 matches total on XBL (always searching more skilled if that matters) all with Dudley and Guile and I have not won a single round. In fact I think the lowest I’ve gotten someones health bar to was maybe 20%. Finally, in my 34th game I was able to get a round with Guile against an Akuma, but I feel that was fraudulent since he did 4 ex-dp’s (3 of which came back to back to back). Not that I did fantastic punishing them but nonetheless I got a round.

LSS, should I just continue on this route playing games and getting a feel for what I can punish, what moves work where etc etc? Basic game knowledge. Or is there something else I could/should be doing to learn the game?

For the record, I struggle to take rounds against the computer on medium hard difficulty. I am so ass at this game lol.


-If you lose a game that means you took damage which obviously means you messed up somewhere. After every game try and find one thing you did wrong that caused you to take damage (focus on times your opponents either got a full combo or a knockdown). Then think about how you can prevent that from happening, if people are jumping all over you uncontested, look up or practice some anti-airs. The character-specific forums are really good for this.
-You can get better just by playing ranked but you’ll learn more if you set up a player match/endless with a couple people and play them over and over. In ranked you only get one game against a person and can get blown up before you even realize what happened.
-Never play the AI ever. Don’t do it. Even if you think there might be an exception where it’s okay to play against the AI don’t do it.


Yeah the AI teaches you extremely bad habits. Dont play it. Stick to human beings.

You shouldnt be concentrating on winning. Concentrate on learning. Wins come with knowledge and experience.

You mention you’re playing on XBL, so I assume you are using the standard controller. Everyone gives me shit, but I stand by this firm as a mountain. Use the analog stick. The Xbox dpad is one of the worst things to use for a fighting game. They break easily, are very floaty, and are oddly inconsistent. The analog stick on the other hand, was made with heavy usage in mind, and is essentially a very miniature arcade stick that you only use with your thumb. I’m not telling you this as a fact, but at least give it a shot. Everyone has their preferences, and IMO, analog is second to an actual arcade stick. I just cant play arcade on SF because I got it 3 years after I owned the game. I do use it on others such as marvel and skullgirls though.

Stay away from ranked because there are a lot of iffy connections in there. When you do ranked though, set the skill to same. Think of it like war. You wouldnt get anywhere if you just got dropped into a battlefield. You have to go through bootcamp before you can stand with the other soldiers as an equal. Work yourself up to the higher levels of players. If anything playing significantly more skilled players will slow your learning process. Losing is a part of learning, but getting curb stomped without mercy doesnt help your morale.


It took my about two weeks to win my first game, but before I went online I played with the computers for about a week just to get used to Dudley’s specials. (I really don’t suggest doing that the computers cheat). Also KI was my first fighting game so I learned a lot from the trials in that.

For help with Dudley what I actually did to get better in the beginning,after I lost a bit online, was learn what his good normal’s are and just try to win through footsies so I could get used to his ranges. Hint st.hp and forward hp are your best friends for spacing. for your anti air. Also his main goal is to combo into so you can do combo into machine gun blow.


You’re probably not playing the metagame. Learn a few combos that arent super complicated. Watch the videos above. It should be enough to get you to B rank online. You cant just play fighting games and expect to get better. Obviously experience is critical, but if you arent researching the games by reading material and trying to use it to form strategies, you will never get far. Half the battle is reading/discussing.




Took me a couple hours to fluke my first win. Don’t get too obsessed with your win ratio. To help with punishes and etc. I recommend learning some basic frame data so you can see what’s punishable. For example, you have 6f to punish Rose’s slide on block.