How long did it take you guys?


To get your first 100 Ranked wins. It appears people have played a ish ton since release, it’s crazy. Matches do go by relatively quick. It took me 183 games, pretty bad but meh. I played Jacky the whole way. Does anyone know how the ranking to the title works? I saw the differences between certain titles is based off win percentage…but sometimes I see people with like 999 Battle Points but are like 9th or 10th dan?


I have 120 matches and 96 wins at the moment. Not quite there yet.
Im at 7th dan now, my ranking match was exactly the 120th one, which i fought against a 10th dan with an awesome Aoi. I was so freakin satisfied with myself after I won that against all odds, that I turned of the ps3 to keep that feeling XD…also it was 2 am. Like really, it was so cose i almost had a stroke…
Anyway my win-percentage is exactly 80% atm and has always hovered around that percentage. I noticed that I sometimes had higher rank than others, even though they had more games and points. I always assumed the ranking-bar is just filled with battle-points, but win percentage sounds more reasonable.

It could also be that you get the bar filled faster, if you win a match without losing much health or rounds. I think i dont get any bar, if i get bodied 3-0 rounds.
If thats right, it would explain why so many high dans arent very good. Maybe they just got their points with lower ranked people without giving away a round…

p.s. playing Jean


I’m 240-40, and hit Sentinel last night on XBL. 90% of my loses have been to Gentleman Thief, XxRodnutzxX, and Black Bauer CTU.


Where can you see your win % ? I’ve never seen it.
I must be at like 40% win rate with about 60 games played.


I just calculated it. It shows your wins/losses on the custom match screen.


I’m at 200-95 only at a hunter rank, so people with better win/loss ratio are higher rank, sometimes with less games played.


I’m 0-30 =[


do you have PSN and a mic? Hit me or anyone else up, I’ll be more than willing to get some games, I’m sure anyone on this forum would do the same.


Haven’t even touched ranked yet for this reason, will stick to player matches until I can actually do stuff and feel comfortable with the game.


No to both lol i play on xbl


Well I started the game early, where a lot of others were. Originally, I was just playing to get the trophy for 10 ranked games, but I started winning a few and got hooked on it. I like doing player matches because some people will play good sessions. Unfortunately I don’t have a mic, I tend to use my laptop for skype with my friends when I’m on PS3. Just keep playing and learning. I use the training room a good amount to test out things. A lot of the game comes down to knowing what tactic to use, when to guard, what hit will go faster (has better frames) and all that ish. I might actually use a wired connection now, as I hear that improves game-play since I’m at about a 55% win rate atm.


I still have a long way to go. I win 1 out of every 3 matches. I have played 200. I have the same win/loss ratio at SC5.


I’m 0-14. Come get some…


I haven’t touched ranked yet. I’m fairly proficient with Goh, but I’d like to be better before I jump in.


I’m not sure but now I’m in the 200s. I did have a win ratio of about 66% but I’ve been getting steadily worse. Maybe because the competition is getting stronger.


113-54 Meh not bad but not great either. Mainly because Im too stubborn with losing and decide to rematch the same guy that has beaten me countless times over and over again.

BTW we need a shoryuken VF Lobby :3


First thing I did was play a ranked match haha, with only Game Trial score attack experience under my belt! I’ve got a pretty terrible ratio, I think its like W1:3L.
I blame my inability to remember anything once the match starts, I go blank and start poking people to death.


I’m at 51-72…I’m still not happy about it but at least I’m winning some of the time 41.4% win rate, yea still not happy about it but I’ll tell you what hank hill voice I’m having more fun losing at this game than I ever do winning at most other fighting games other than marvel and even then I still feel more accomplished with this game than I have in the 6 months I’ve owned marvel 3


I reached 100 wins after 280 matches LOL Won against a hunter Jean to celebrate.


I got to 100 wins after I hit 100 losses. I am currently at 175W - 176L :frowning: Damn you Jacky/Fei/Akira players!)