How long did it take you to finish 480 missions and/or get to 6th rank?

A) How long did it take you to finish 480 missions in Ultimate Marvel verus Capcom 3?
B) How long did it take you to get 6th rank or higher online?

Feeling pretty frustrated, and I’m wondering if its just me. Trying to see where I stand.

Yesterday it took me 3 hours to do Phoenix mission #8, today it took me 2 hours to do Phoenix #9.
…I did all 380 missions in Vanilla Marvel Versus Capcom 3, but it took me somewhere between 100-200 hours of repeat trying.

After getting my butt handed to me a few times online, against amateur ranks, it seems like I’ll regress from a 9th Ranger to a Fighter. During all of vanilla Marvel Vs Cacpom 3 I never made it past a 9th rank, no matter how hard I tried, and I stopped after 200 wins.

I’m trying to figure out if other people have the same problem. Its frustrating as hell to do some of these missions. I read somewhere that Vesper says he only considers these missions a difficulty of 3 out of 10. >_<

So how are other people doing? Are they finding it a breeze or do they kind of feel like I do, where I sometimes want to pick up my TV and throw it out the window. Thank you.

Well I’m kind of a cheater
I only did the missions for the characters I use, I did Nemesis all 10 in about 30 minutes, Strider’s in an hour and Hawkeye’s in like 45 minutes. I got the game pre-release so I was able to get up to 6th Lord in about two days.

Fuck completing 480 missions. I only use a handful of characters in this game and most of the combos they teach you in mission mode aren’t even going to be useful in a real battle.

These missions are WAY harder than the Vanilla missions. I would you cant put a time limit on them just keep going!

Well, as for the missions, they give you some leeway if you decide to purchase jill and/or shuma. I caved in an got jill so i got 480/490. Some missions are just retarded with the timing, SSF4 is way easier. ultimately, took me 3-4 days to do it. Really though, 420/480 missions should be pretty easy to do. The other 60 will probably take some time.

As for 6th lord, I only played MVC3 until I got the platinum so I didn’t play it past March so I don’t have any experience or know any team synergy. I will say after playing online in UMVC3 for a while now, I’m 7th lord with 101 wins, 82 losses(key to ranking up is win streaks). I used a fairly “fair” team for the 1st half with iron fist, wolverine, spencer but now I changed to wesker, wolverine, spencer and I might change spencer or wolverine to some cheap ass assist like sentinel force/shopping cart/ammy(probably ammy because of small size and air dominance).

Really, best way to get 6th lord is to use a broken team with 1 really broken assist. So a team like dante/ammy/sentinel would work. You can also use characters that have certain air dominance(safe divekick spam) and low recovery moves that is hard to respond to like dr. doom, x-23, morrigan, trish, etc. But yeah, getting to 6th lord shouldn’t be too bad, just don’t fight people who are obviously better than you. If they beat you, write their name down, if they join your game again, just leave.

Can’t wait to hit 6th lord though, really starting to hate how cheap this game is. I beat this 5th lord yesterday who was using hulk, sentinel, and thor. Once he switched thor to the dog and used that super cheap assist, i couldn’t do anything.

Apparently, the top player on PS3 uses viper, magneto, ammy on his team and he has like 2000 wins with like 2 losses or something so… good luck figuring that out. 2nd best uses x-23 as point character too. Probably abusing an unblockable somewhere in there. Wish their was a replay system like SSF4.

^ I’m 99% sure those “top ranked” players use a glitch where they quit if they end up losing a match and it doesn’t affect their win/loss ratio. I played against a Japanese player with 5 wins, 0 losses(it didn’t even say he was on a win streak which I thought was strange) I beat him, and right as his last character died he quit on me. I don’t know how it works exactly, but they didn’t fix the “rage quit hell” from the last game. I’m a 6th lord right now, and while I want my old rank of 3rd Lord, I don’t like playing ranked matches. Player matches lets me get in a lot more game time and lets me experiment with different teams.

I think you can get the rank 6 trophy/achievement just for fighting someone who’s ranked 6. As for the 480 missions, I don’t think I’ll ever do it. I did the 320 missions completed in the original Marvel 3, but that’s because you get a lot of leeway and the missions seemed easier as well. They’d have to release a bunch of DLC characters for me to even consider trying to complete 480 missions.

Omg, getting to 480 missions is fucking hell. First off, you should probably do your team’s missions. I always personally feel like I don’t deserve to use a character if I didn’t do their missions (or trials in SFIV) so I fuckin spent an hour doing Iron Fist’s 10th mission on launch day. That’s a free 30 right there any way. This achievement is so much more difficult in Ultimate because either you have to do everyone’s missions (if you don’t have Jill and Shuma) or you have to do all but 20 (assuming you bought both characters). And 480 out of 500 compared to 320 out of 360 in vanilla means you need to do 96% instead of just 89%. What I do when I try these missions is just do each character’s. When I get to one that seems a bit difficult or takes me like 10-20 tries, I just tell myself “eh, I’ll do this later” that way I leave 1-3 missions completely untouched or not touched very much so that when I revisit, it won’t seem impossible to do. I managed to get to 480 two nights ago. I played from 10pm til 3am to get the last 20 or so missions. Some I feel I can do but I don’t understand like Magneto’s 10, Hawkeye’s 10 (I don’t get doing st. S into another grounded attack).

I am only at 9th Lord currently. I’m 21-0 right now in ranked and I’m not gonna lie, I have left early. Not because I’m gonna make sure I never have a loss, but because I can’t take laggy losses sitting down. I’ve come close to losing 2 games because the matches started out as 5 bar connections but towards the end drifted to underwater bullshit. Getting beat clean by a player who will just outplay me, I have no problems with.
Definitely though, ranking up is a streaking thing. If you aren’t streaking, leveling up takes a long ass time. One player that wins 5, but loses 3 will probably get to 6th Lord in 10-15 ranked sessions (of like an hour or 2 a piece). Another that wins 5 and loses 1 will probably get there in like 5-10 sessions.

I dunno, I rage-quitted one game just to test if the bar will go down and it did so I’d recommend just recognizing who the players who beat you, and just leave the game before you get into character select. And about the mission mode, watch some of vesperarcade’s videos. They’re pretty helpful for recognizing timing and positioning. (I’m a pad player btw)

The problem with getting to 6th Lord is mainly if you are losing. A loss counts for around 100-ish Ranking Points while a win counts at around 100 as well. When you are on a streak, you start getting more and more points. At least that’s what I noticed when trying to get from 7th Lord to 6th Lord for the achievement (I hate playing Ranked otherwise and just mess around in Lobbies). I guess the key is to be consistant and keep that stability rating up because, once loses start stacking up, you need to work/win double the matches just to make up for them. 9500 is required for 6th Lord I think.

As for missions I’m 443/480…just pick and choose I suppose. Some of them (Skrull/Viewtiful Joe/X-23 for me) are just too crazy when it comes to timing for me. Just keep trucking I suppose and eventually you’ll get there!

Good luck!
A Fellow Achievement Junkie

I’ve gotten the 480 mission achievement. It took me 3 nights of pretty much ONLY playing mission mode for close to 3 hours to get it.
I also have the Shuma/Jill DLC so I got some leeway in that regard.

Only a 9th Lord at the moment but I’ve also only played 20 ranked matches
With 480 missions/Unlock All Gallery/500,000 Arcade Score achievements and some random messing around in practice mode I’ve hit the 30 hours offline mark.

With the 20 ranked + 100 unranked online matches, I’m almost at 4 hours online

I did the 480 missions with my regular ps3 pad. It took me about a 10 hours to do them & im slowly working on my rank.

I’ve been slacking missions, not sure how many I have exactly but I got the first two mission achievements. Reaching 6th Lord didn’t take too long, just got to it yesterday with a record of about 150-40, going on win streaks really REALLY helps and it probably doesn’t hurt that I’m still using my old vanilla team of Taskmaster Magnus Akuma. There are of course the predictable RQers and laggy matches so be prepared to be frustrated, I think. It might get easier to rank up after the holiday season when more people are buying games, and UMvC3 will be available used so some new blood will come in.

Why would you admit this? Nobody on this site will want to play you if you pull.

I got 480 missions in about 6 days of normal gameplay, just doing missions here and there when I felt like it.
6th lord was annoying but got it in a few days, win streaks helped a LOT. It’s better if you went for that 6th lord trophy as early as possible when people weren’t as good lol. I scrubbed my way through using Nemesis/Haggar/Sentinel, online friendly team. Also had to continue playing more ranked afterward for the 100 wins trophy, which I got and I quit ranked at 100-25, not bad

It took me 4 days to get to 6th lord… 2 hours a day.

A) Missions - 2 play sessions, did about 460 over 3 hours then wrapped it up the following day.
B) Too much time in the lab, have only played about 15 ranked matches.

not to mention that the game shows you who you’ve been paired up against, you don’t even have to go the character select screen, lol

because i honestly don’t care. i don’t like the game, won’t play it online once I get 6th lord. also, why would i want to play anyone on this site? i’d probably get raped. Also, I don’t pull, I just did it once to see what the outcome would be. If I left, it’d be at the ready up screen.

If you re-read my post, I mention that. Leaving at the character select screen will make you lose points. Looks like people only read what they want to read on this site, sheesh lol.

I haven’t tackled any missions as of now.
It took me about 3-4 days to reach 6th lord, in vanilla it took me 2 days to reach 4th lord.

for every character, missions 1-7 should be a breeze. they are for the most part basic special moves, air combos and special cancels into hypers. probably should take you ~5 minutes to go through those 7 missions per character (50 x 5 = 250, so ~4 hours total for 350 missions)

missions 8-10 are where it gets super tricky with x-factor, assists, and retarded timing. those should take you quite some time to get, but the point of these missions is to really find out what the limits are of the characters. these might take quite some time… i’ve gotten these for characters i use relatively easily, but for characters i never touched, they are extremely daunting.

don’t just try to do the combos - try to vary the button presses, purposely drop combos to see how lenient you could be with the timing, and really it should be a chance for you to understand the character more in depth.

as for ranked, i’ve had a few people disconnect but overall it just feels like laggy ranked as it always has been. played ~60 matches and currently 8th. probably will get to 6th in december but playing online really seems worthless other than getting some character/strat exposures.