How long did it take you to get good?

I’m a pretty new player and trying to make my Cody at least solid. Just wanna know how many beatings it took most people.


I’ll call you when I get there.

if you ever feel satisfied enough to call yourself good without winning a major, you’re moving in the wrong direction IMO

i’ve been playing for over 3 years and im still not “good”

Yup, still ass after 2-3 years of vanilla to AE.


What is this “good” you speak of?

I once heard Diago use the term, i guess its an inside joke?

Hmm took me about a year of playing almost everyday for 2-3 hours to get decent. Still have much to improve on.

Once you have a understanding of the game in general. Not just winning with gimmicks.

I’ve been playing the game since vanilla, and have been using Akuma since early Super days.

I’m still pretty ass. I know all his gimmics and character specifics but my fundamentals are terribad.

ugh, the winning majors thing is bullshit. Some people just want to enjoy the game at a higher level.

Hmmm this is a tricky one it really depends on ur definition of the word gd but I would say it took me about a year and a hell of a lot of ass whoopings b4 I was gd.

Did I get good at some point? Holy shit that’s news for me. I can even tell you the reason I’m bad: the lack of interest in learning this bad game. But that’s alright because AE 2012 Honda is now just as easy to play as Super Honda, so I still get wins online :tup:

good is to subjective i think. I’d say i’m decent, but even that’s kind of subjective as well.

Yea if you think good is winning over 50% of your games online, then it still depends on who you are playing, I would say “online good” is over 3k pp and even that is relative to how you got your points.

Dont worry about being good, just play to have fun. If it is fun for you then you are winning.

I have been playing this game since the release of SF4 and I am still not that good at this game.
I am decent,but I play this game mainly for fun.

Yea, its a fun game, you will come across “serious” online players, but unless you are making $, this is all meant for fun.

If solid is all you care about, as in you have a puncher’s chance to win against decent players and are skilled enough to enjoy playing, it really depends on how familiar you are with SF in general. I think once you can stay in the neighborhood of 1k PP then you are solid.

I would define good as being able to continue climbing once you get past 5k BP with whatever character(s) you use most, assuming you are not cherry picking opponents to farm points (I play ranked matches through the Fight Request feature in Arcade Mode and accept all legit challengers). Any retard can grind up to 5k and gain the B rank, but once the point scales readjust after you reach 5k, if you are not good, you will go down and inevitably hit C+ again.

I’ve been playing since Vanilla. It took me until just before AE came out to get good with Ken, and only recently have I gotten good with Makoto. After playing 3rd Strike for so long the reaction timing in SF4 felt so alien to me.