How long did it take you to learn the ROM?



How long did it take you guys to learn the ROM infinite?
PS. Please don’t move this to the MVC2 section it’s been dead for a 2 years.


Moving this to the MvC2 section because that’s where it goes. :tup:


4 days to get used to the slide method

ill let you know when Ive mastered it


KK this ROM infinite is mind fucking the hell out of me, do you have to ADDF than light kick immediately after that? and does the other light kick have to be delayed? I to am doing the slide method but can’t get it down.


I watched this video
then just practice tridashing on a standing opponent with slide method til youre used to it

I was also doing slide method everywhere: at work, in my car, etc


I finally got the ROM down, iv’e been able to do like 4 reps of it so far.


Bump Okay I finally can do this consistently now.