How long did it take you to learn to PTF?

alright, i am a pad learner but i am getting my DF stick soon… i always have a problem though, when i do use a stick at my arcade i always get my ass kicked because i always fuck up my CC,never can do it. anyone have the same probelm? converting from pad -> stick? sometimes i think maybe i should stay on the pad and forget about the stick…

4 years.

ive got the rhythm and everything, just have to master the mtion on a stick.

usually what happens is, nothing comes out or i do a devils reverse because im going too high on the stick… =/

In that case, just mash the motion out. It help you get accurate motions on the bad or really loose sticks.

And the answer to your actual question, ever since SBO2 vids just before evo2004(seeing how gay Bison was :tdown: ). I got the custom down within 3 months and only recently mastered it. Now I just have to stop being a scrub who constantly loses to roll super and random pokes. :xeye:

I recently tried to do the Paint the Fence CC for the first time, and after about an hour of not being able to pull it off by doing repeated DP’s I just found that if you do a DP motion and do the first swipe and land it just do the hadoken motion with a punch and it will come out again. So, it would be DP+P,then hadouken motion over and over. Hope it helps.

Still can’t do it consistently on both sides.

yeah when I’ve got the opp in the 1p corner I have to do (2 paints then mp). I am sux.

i’m still trying to find a good way to hold the stick to do separate dp motions in the right/1p corner (i do it by doing qcf’s, but don’t get as many hits). left/2p corner i do separate dp motions no problem now.

my entire life has been dedicated to painting the fence.

ask a stupid question, you’ll get a stupid answer. if somebody says 1 day, will you try harder? does 4 years make you want to quit cvs2? this topic has been beat to DEATH in too many threads. practice doing individual DP motions, don’t buffer. then practice some more. then practice some more, to the other side.


im asking how long it took you. not how you do it. no shit, ive been practicing. And i have found my answer so might as well close this thread.

Three days on one side…I still haven’t gotten the other side down yet (I picked up a groove like…7 days ago first learned sakura’s then bison’s)

yeah, took me about 4 days for the right side.the left side is funky as hell…

I agree. But like ppb said. Don’t even worry how fast others have learned it. It shouldn’t be a down on your skill at all. Shoshosho/Paint IMO is all a technique. I didn’t know how easily qcf’s should be done so i would get his psycho crusher or his command jump thing. once again like ppb says…it’s al practice

Learned in a couple of days but took months to perfected it. Now I can PTF or shoshosho anytime with confidence. Hail are you going to Evol this year?

nah man, im not going evo. i wouldnt stand a chance and plus, I wouldn’t ride there. not old enough yet.

Like a day…I didnt even know about the buffer method which is a LOT easier than DP xx.Sometimes I still cancel into some random shit like headstump from right side…Gotta work on that.

i tried the buffer method, and its fuckin wierd, i do it too fast. so i just go with the seperates.

How exacly is the buffer method done. Ive been trying to learn the PTF for some time now, but its a bitch. I can sometimes pull it off on a pad but only facing right :frowning: , but have yet to do so on a stick. I know the rhythem just gotta work on loosing up my wrist i guess. I do got the shoshosho down, i just cant seem to get PTF.

buffer is when you do One dragon punch motion and just do continuous qcf motions from there, I personally highly suggest you learn the seperate motion because buffer method takes away a lot of hits.

When I try the ptf It fucks up I can do it on my ps pad or use to be able to. Now it’s like when I do it, it’ll do a psyco crusher when I was doing dp. Does that happen to any of you guys at all who use ps pads or ps2 pads…