How long do sanwa buttons last? and are they durable?

Can i hit them really hard when i do moves or will that break them.

You don’t want to drum on your stick, but they are pretty sturdy.

They are meant for constant use in arcades. They will take a lot of abuse.

Sanwa is arcade standard, so you really shouldn’t complain about anything once you get them. Though some prefer Seimetsu so it’s a matter of opinion

Why would you want to hit them hard though? A very light tap and the button will register. It should last you 2-3 years if you don’t do anything crazy with it.

they’re going to last awhile. It’s not going to cost much to replace(unless you plan on replacing them with some discontinued ones).

Just wanna say, the advantage of sanwa/seimetsu buttons over American buttons (if anyone these days has even played on American buttons) is their sensitivity, so I’d say its probably better to learn to not hit them so hard. Waste of energy and useless extra abuse on your stick. For sure they are sturdy and its pretty unlikely you’ll ever have to replace them, but still I’d say its inefficient to be hitting your stick so hard.

Sanwa buttons are rated for a million clicks from the factory. Happ buttons are rated for 10 million. I have Happ buttons that are still in working condition after 16 years. In my experience, Sanwa buttons start to flake out (ghost inputs, missed inputs, mushy action) after a year or so of moderate to heavy use.

shelf life eight months, but refrigerate and use within two weeks after opening

If you are a Blanka masher, you’ll only get a few months out of them where you can just brush them, and after that, you have to press all the way.

Poetic justice :china:

it’ll last a long time

Just get happs if you’re going to physical abuse it like an ungrateful parent

Uhh, we all know online Blanka players just turn on Turbo and hold the button down.


Also, I’ve had Sanwa buttons in my green goblins since like 2002 and they still work, and it was played heavily 4-5 days a week from 2002 to 2008 (still gets some use, but not as much now)

I prefer Seimitsu pushbuttons now after trying them. Still super sensitive but someone farting in the next room won’t trigger a button like Sanwa ones.

But there’s NO reason to mash pushbuttons hard. It takes a while to break that nasty habit, but you need to do it sooner than later.

I’m sure they’re durable. Even if they were to break Lizardlick sells them at an incredibly cheap price.