How long do you last


in a woman’s vagina?

I can go up to 20 minutes before busting a nut. The reason why is it that feels so good exploring the dark and wet caves of a female.

In a woman’s ass, I can go up to 30 to 35 minutes, depending on how nice her cheeks are.

In a man’s butt, it lasts anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. Reason being is that a man’s butt is not as nice as a woman’s.

SRK Lounge President's Choice edition

A MAN’S butt? Excuse me?



what is this, I dont even?


I…I’ve been…outdumbfucked.


And people complain about my thread. :coffee:


I lasted 9 months inside a woman and I have no plans to ever go back in there.


The one thread I thought deserved an honest approach turned out to be troll. I am stewing in the irony.
Anyhow, the answer is two hours, jerk.


Tom makes the sexiest threads



I hope you are practicing safe sex


But of course.


You mean like not choking my prostitute to death?


Edit: Stupid post didn’t quote right


As if that’s some kind of lifestyle choice nerd.


He said Safe, not Boring:coffee:


Boring for who?


Next thing you’ll know, there’ll be a thread about how long does it take to move our bowels and everyone will compare the results.


I have pretty good control over my orgasms (plus I can have multiple orgasms…awesome party trick) so I can last pretty much however long I want it to last.


Me too.

Except I’m not gay.

I realize that puts me in the minority in this thread.

It is like white dudes in GD.


^ Now you know how it feels.


Multiple orgasms sound painful but pleasuring at the same time. Not like I’d know, seeing I have no clue to achieve such.