How Long Do You Think Fighting Games Will Last?


Well, ive been thinking to my self, sense im going to be buildiny/buying a mame/DC/Ps2/jamma Arcade Machine.

How long will they last? Will people be as enthusiastic about it then as they are now? When it dies what will happen, will people just let go and give up or will people look for new ways to get better?

Why do people give up and stop playing a game just because someone is better than them? For example people not getting into marvel because justin couldnt be uncrowned, and to my knowlage this was his last year? Does this mean MvC2 will get more popular as a game?

Arcades suck alot for fighting games for two reasons:

  1. Sticks break and they dont fix them
  2. Somthing screws up and pplz cant fix it

If we want this to survive and for people to continue to get interested then somthing drastic needs to happen. All these kids are getting into counter strike and diablo and things of that nature that take lots of time to build their character or just fuckin shoot people.

I’m wondering if what Xbox is doing will revitalize what fighters are to the world, and get more people interested, knowing that they will ALWAYS have people to play against, Unless the game is so incredibly broken no one would play it even if u payed for them to play.

This is a sport for us, and we love it. But i mostly see people who have been playing sense the original Mk and Sf2 and Fatal Fury still around and playing. Don’t see many new faces, and those who are new dont spend the time it seems to get good, and expect it to just happen overnight.

1.Why Do We Continue To Play These Games?
2.Why Will They Eventually Die?
3.How Can We Prevent Them From Dieing?

-My Answers
1.Cant Answer
2.Lack Of Interest And Players
3.Having Big Tournys Televised, Like In Korea.

How long do you think they will last?

1,2,3 maybe 4 more years? Never Die Out?

Scrubquotes is back!

It’s hard to say. When even big places like SHGL get’s shut down, it leads people to think that even good arcades like that get fucked over, what is the point anymore?

I personally believe in two things that will lead the decline of fighting games in at least North America:

  1. As Booda said: Instant gratification. Games have now been so fucking easy, or made easy that you get rewarded with the most simplest action. Oh, you just learned how to double jump, please take these 5 plasma grenades.

It’s great that SF2 was large enough to affect EVERYONE who even remotely plays games or was a kid to know who was who. But now, we are seeing the dying days of those children who lay witness to the SF2 hype and are now growing up and moving on. No other game had reached so many and only a fraction compared to the now mainstream even give a shit.

  1. The size of the US. A lot of people think “hey…let’s apply the Japanese Model of gaming to the US, that’ll save gaming”. Well this isn’t a case of “if you build it, they will come”. it’s more a case of “America, you’re too fucking big”. I think in the small last outposts of gaming such as CTF, will survive because in someways it’s uniqueness of being a fully functioning arcade will bring people together or interested into it.

However the problem lies not within only the distance, but the problem I outlined above and then secondary distance. Sure there are plenty of people to play with…but to what extent? Distance is an enourmous factor as many times we heard people say “I have to travel 1-2 hours to get to a decent arcade/comp”. Whereas in Japan, walk 10 blocks in a major city centre and you are in an entirely different competitive district.

I think online is the future of it, but sadly not to the great extent that people might foretell…because seriously, SF is and forever an arcade game genre. It’s seared into pop-culture as that. I feel it might never acheive the status it once was…onto online because it never grew up as a product of an online culture. FPS’s, RTS’s MMPORPG’s, the fact that they exist on a computer had made them a part of the online genre.

I will hope I am wrong, but for the fact that MK5 actually sold more than the SF alpha 1,2,3 COMBINED for console (I forget that fact but it was done in these forums a while ago), it seems that the will of the people is stronger than anything we might try to do to sway them back to SF.


releasing them with online play (i.e. xbox live) will most likely let it stay alive longer.


They are dieing. I’ll give it about 3 years.


the biggest reason why im back into fighters is cause of online play with kaillera/live etc.

the arcades i go to have no comp unless its a tourney. with xbox live, i now have an incentive to actually learn shit cause i get more people to play than just a brother or a friend.


As long as people out there dig fighting, martial arts, and video games, somebody will always combine those 3 to provide for them. I have determined it.


Fighting games will last as long as video games industry exist


Arcades may be dying, but Sammy, Sega and SNKP will keep it alive in Japan (SNKP alone has half-a-dozen games coming). In US, ports with Live will be it.


and Capcom will continue making great fighting games :pleased: (hope) :karate:


Well there is a rumor around is that CFJ is capcoms last 2D fighter.
Where did this rumor come from? Or am I being senial?


I think they’re pretty much dead. If not, they’re in a vegetated state and being fed through a tube.

You want to know a major problem? Aside from instant gratification? It’s the Japanese who are making these games. Is that bad? Well, no, they do some great things for gameplay, but the content is the problem. Most fighting games are made by Japanese companies and they have mostly characters that appeal to Japanese consumers. But the Japanese and American cultures are very different (despite the outbreak of otaku in the U.S.), so what’s cool in Japan is not always cool in America (and vice versa).

Should the Japanese make more American-friendly games? Well, that’s demanding an awful lot from them. I think the better thing to do is to pick fighting games apart, find out what makes them tick, and then make our own.

If we do start making our own fighting games, we have to acknowledge the mentality of American gamers. We can’t force the current generation to be like the generation of 1992. This generation doesn’t see all video games as one single category, and they don’t feel that as a gamer they are obligated to master every game that comes out (as if that’s possible; there’s so damn many now). We can’t just be like:

Newb: "What do I do?"
Pro: "Do moves."
Newb: "Which moves?"
Pro: "I don’t know. Just experiment around and see what you come up with."
Newb: "Whoa! That fireball is cool. How do I do that?"
Pro: "QCF+P"
Newb: "What?"
Pro: "QCF+P"
Newb: "What does that mean?"
Pro: "Quarter-circle forward. Start by holding down, then rotate to forward."
Newb: "It’s not working."
Pro: "Keep trying."
Newb: "Stop hitting me! I’m trying to do the fireball!"
Pro: "Well nobody’s just going to sit there and let you hit them."
Newb: “But I’m trying to practice.”

You know how it goes. See, we who’ve been playing many years not only know when and where to use moves, but we’ve also got little tricks for pulling them off easier. Sharing this information with the newer players will at least help them understand what’s going on and make the game seem less cryptic. We need to explain the basic strategies of the game.


If you asked when arcades were going to stop carrying fighting games or when srk dies or when all arcades close down, the answer to those questions is probably sooner than later. But as far as fighting games go, they will last as long as the hardcore players are literally still alive. We will all be playing this stuff when we’re senior citizens. We’ll be playing online on super nano fiber optic connections, or well have consoles or cabinets in our dens, or even in the rec rooms of our retirement homes.

But once we all die it’s over. The newer gamers won’t have the ultra competitive spirit or passion for it like we do. I could ramble more but I’ll stop now.


Well, if you plan on us all dying this decade, I might agree with you. But I’m expecting at least 50 more years, which is more than twice what my lifespan has been already. In that length of time, I think there is possibilities.


Not sure how to set this up, but it certainly belongs in this thread. I was talking to this friend of mine, hes 15, we have been playing SC online a while. He recently got a PS2, CvS2, and MKDA. He IMed me the other day telling me how hyped he is over MKD coming out soon cause he found the DA engine to be “the best fighting game hes ever played!” I asked him what he thought of CvS2, he replied with something like

“That game sucks so hard, all the moves are impossible to do, the characters don’t look real like in DA, and they do these ridiculous 100 hit combos. What good is a game thats hard to play and doesn’t even look good?”

Its so sad to hear shit like that. Whats even sadder is the amount of new boards popping up praising shit like DOA3 and bashing games like A3, MC2, SF3 etc. We used to laugh at this shit, but its beginning to get scary as the majority is starting to think that way.


well, I think fighting games in general might survive, but it will be hard, look at what most gamers are into nowadays, what are the top AAA titles that you see every year,hmmm, halo, final fantasy, its all about FPS and RPGs now…

as for 2d gaming, it will die for the simple fact that these new age idiots today just care about the graphics and “whats new” , alot of people today are just lazy,lol, thats the reason the arcades are dying, and now 2d fighting games may die because no one wants to be commited to something that isnt popularly talked about, everyone goes running to halo, far cry etc, it sucks, but it is the truth, as games progress and stuff like PS3 and the likes come out, people are gonna just want more complex stuff, no one thinks a 2d game is complex, and thats why it will die, its sad but true…


I think they will last until the hardcore fighters quit. I mean, go to an arcade now, and literally no one will be learning the game, and they believe mashing is the way to go. And this is america, people don’t care about gameplay, they care if it has blood and big explosions…or if it’s football.


I think it’s clear to see that 3D fighting games have outlived 2D games, so I guess they may go on indefinitely. Having said that, I’d say one more hardware generation- maybe end of this decade, tops.

What we might see more of is multigenre games- think about a movie, where you have a carchase and then a shootout. I reckon we’ll probably get (possibly deep) fighting featured in other realistic games.

Huh? Last time I checked, there wasn’t a pulse…


If capcom was smart enough to include online play in all of their games )as well as SNKP) for both ps2 and Xbox, fighting games would survive alot longer…Kalleria is a reason I still play and many people still play. I can still find a Garou game and even though im pretty good, I will always be able to find some hardcore player who is much better than I am. Unfortunately ps2 doesn’t have a service like live, and capcom is too lazy to spend time and money on their own service in the US. I wish they would think creatively and find a way, even if they teamed up with SNKP or SAMMY to create a “Fighting Game Online Service”, even if you had to pay a small fee. But I guess its too much of a risk in the US. Its not just the gamers that caused it to die, it is also the companies. Thanks to SF Anniversary more people are getting into it. I’m trying to get a friend of mine who all he does is play Halo to start playing with me, but he sucks and doesn’t have patience to become good. He would rather be good at Halo, which really takes no skill beyond a full week of practicing on deathamtch.


as long as you want it to last


I think the best way to phrase that question is “How Long Do You Think 2D Fighting Games Will Last In America?”. I’ve had this conversation with my gaming friends on more than one occasion. Americans(as a whole/in general) are lazy and don’t like to put forth effort. They are also trendy and will put down anything that’s not “big”.

If something is challenging then it sucks. If something doesn’t look as good as current technology allows then it sucks. Fighting games are doing just fine in Japan. SCEA… well we all know what they are up to in relation to 2D games. MKD is/will be shit we know this but it’ll outsell CvS2 and/or SF:AC for sure.

2D fighters in America don’t have much time left, 15 years tops. We’ll have to import Street Fighter 5 because Capcom of America will/do get more losses than profit with 2D titles. Or, 2 console generations from now no console-owning company will accept a 2D title(unless SNKP, Capcom or Sega-Sammy come up with a console in that gen). But Tekken(3D fighters) will do just fine. The fighting genre won’t be wiped COMPLETELY from American territory.