How long do you think your current smartphone(s) will last?


My Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 soon to be two years old and yet I wouldn’t do any upgrade. All features just are working well and fast enough for me since I don’t play games. I got myself a new extended battery on mpj so it actually runs forever. Gimmicks will cramp my style. From what I can see my I8160 should continue to serve me until next year.
How long do you think your phone(s) will last?


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Had an hTc Incredible that lasted a good year or so before I killed it. Tore one of the dinky ribbon cables while replacing the touchscreen for the third time. I’m pretty rough on phones because I work outside… Happy with an oldschool flip phone atm.


still got my og galaxy note 1, it will be 2 years next week, and still on stock battery (still gives 4 hour screen time)

i bought 2 original batteries direct from amazon (market place sellers sell fakes), still sealed, so i expect it to last another 4 years minimum, if i dont break it
phone does everything i need & more


The droid 2 I bought at the end of 2010 lasted until early 2013.

My (used) Optimus 3D lasted less than a year.

We’ll see how my Note 2 does.


A friend just gave me his Droid X that is now 3 years old. I actually still have my flip phone and have yet to flash it over to my carrier, soooo… hoping it will last another year or 2? All I need is easier texting and my shit flip phone is terrible for that because NO ONE ANSWERS THE FUCKING PHONE ANYMORE like the good ol’ days.


HTC Rezound for 3 years. This is my third one though but only because I lost the other two. Insurance replaced them both. I’m still happy with the speed and features that it has. But you won’t hear an iPhone user say they have had the same model phone for three years.


So much for that Droid X lasting. I took it in to get flashed today, and the cost to have it flashed and then activated was almost the cost of a new phone. So I got the new phone instead. Moto G. It’s pretty nice but I have no idea what to do with it, it should last a long time though.

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Don’t need to wire if you can bluetooth. Any Sixaxis, DS3, or DS4 pad hacks should be all good to go on these. Only problem is the tiny screen you’d have to play ST on.


I play A1/A2 (and RPGs) on my phone all the time. Used to keep a DS3 in the car (which melted in last summer’s heat wave).
I have a Moto X and I have no urge to upgrade any time soon. Before that I had my Galaxy Nexus for 2 years and I think it would have lasted another 2 years. I only sold it to get the smaller Moto X.
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i upgraded from an s3 to an s4 last year and i’m really enjoying the boost in performance. all of my emulators and heavier android apps run great. though i’m reading now that there are octo-core phones out (what). back when i was building my desktop i looked into an octo-core cpubut decided against it. from what i was reading it seemed that many programs and games are coded for dual-core and quad-core processors so you wouldn’t be able to make full use of the extra cores anyways.

my ipad 1 capped out at update 4.3 or something like that and i couldn’t use any new apps so i sold it. an old android tablet that i have still supports newer apps but just runs them slower. i figure my phone should last another year before mainstream apps start crapping out on it


Still on a Galaxy S2.


I upgraded to an at&t gs2 after it first came out. From a blackberry pearl. Amazing phone. I stuck with it only until my usb port on it broke and quickly broke after replacing it. Lasted over 3 years and performed well still besides the USB port. RIP.
have had the nexus 4 about two years now.


Longest I stuck with any phone is about 20 months, less than two years.


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I’ve had my Nexus 5 for 7 months now and its still running pretty good.


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i have one of these since I started college

and I plan on using it for at least 5 more years lol