How long do you think



It takes to get pretty decent with Adon ?

I ask mainly because I have played him since about 3 weeks after the release of super and although I have his basics down, I am having trouble getting much better.

Heres some info. I play between 3-8 hours a week. About 2 of these are random characters with friends. The rest are endless or ranked.
I am currently stuck at just under 2000pp. 3700something bp.
I just cant seem to progress much higher.

I will say in my defense ive only played sf since just before ssf4 was released not including any sf2 I played as a kid.

Anyway how long do you guys think it takes to master/get decent with a character like Adon. Do you think I need to spend more time ? is how much time I spend playing him average ? or above ?
Do you think I am expecting too much from a character like Adon, with the time im spending ?

cheers in advance for the help. Sorry if this thread is deemed a little lame. Try not to troll me too bad :wink:


It’s all about playing more, people at your level or a bit better and not worse players cuz it will just waste your time. It takes a while though, i think u should play this game for atleast a year to get decent and watch some vids on youtube. Check out some more gamerbee vids and take notes.


Depends on you really…


i agree, i felt like you a few months agon, was stuck in a rut but a watched alot of gsmerbee vids and charysmato( think thats how its spelked) i then worked on my own style for a long time, and now im feeling each week am getting better and better tbh ryt now training rooms your friend, get your instants, safe jumps and traps tight! trust me, youll enjoy it, if you want proof look up my older vids to my newer ones! and it shows how much the lab helps


You probably just need to start improve your general game (fundamentals like spacing, footsies, etc), not just your Adon game.


thanks for the replies guys. I shall take what you have said in and work on what you have suggested.

I shall spend more time in the lab too. I currently spend maybe 20 minutes before playing just to get warmed up and practise some quick combos. Other than that I spend little time there.

I think your right too Godly, im having alot of trouble in some matchups that are supposed to be in my favour and I think this is mostly due to my spacing and footsies.


Dont forget playing online doesnt help much either as i can pull off links more or less 100% of the time offline but online is a whole different story.


Honestly I don’t know how you are losing at that level. Just f’ing spam your bs safe on block JK all day long and don’t do any retarded RJ’s.

Nobody under 3k PP is gonna be able to react to or punish JK at all. Most people at your level don’t even know how to safe jump, and even if they did, it doesn’t matter because of your retarded 3 frame faster wakeup.

The only time I can ever touch Adon is if he whiffs a RJ like a moron, or if he screws up his crouch tech. Playing footsies or trying to get in on you is a total guessing game because your st.RH is amazing and JK is the most overpowered move in the game.

Post some videos, and I’ll be shocked if 80% of the damage that you are taking is not whiffed RJ’s.


ill happily post some videos when I have a way to do it. I dont have a video camera right now and I havent the spare cash for a cap card :frowning:

Also I dont think you give people enough credit. I would say most of my damage comes from personal failings, but mainly missing links and eating dps. Or just general bad spacing.
Ive had alot of help lately and I feel im getting better fairly quickly.

Personally I dont feel the JK is overpowered as you say… but there is no doubt its an awesome move :smiley:


I sense an adon hater. JK OP lol you must be joking unless they are spaced right they can be beaten easily and online they no way safe on block apart from maybe the hk version.

And as for the “retarded” wakeup speed well i have fought many people who dont seem to struggle with it but as we all know bitch about someting you dont like on sf and i gets changed so that isnt going to be a problem for much longer anyway (not that it is one now).


well, except for JK light kick version, which is -3 on block, and too far away anyway to be dragon punched usually, other version are -2 on block , and thus safe except again a few super & ultra :slight_smile:

Adon is a bitch ^^ i play him to find his weakness, since i got crushed by someone playing him some time ago.
And after 2 weeks, i could win against 5-10k PP players, to tell about the cheapness of this character.
which is,jaguar kick the opponent to death.

you may say, a high level can react… well he has 20frames, minus the frames to recognize the move, so it’s more about 10-15 frames, then he has to react, let’s say 5 frame, with the right move. Okay, when i play adon, i really do pressing+random jaguar kick, or wait, or whiffed quick move. If you dragon punch on reaction, there is a lot of chance u’ll just dragon when i do a simple light kick. Then you are half dead. Really a bitch of a char…
and be sure i do a lot more false move, than jaguar kick, so that you’re chance of hitting inside a jaguar kick is very low. But you’ll get Jaguar kicked to death still.

=>the problem lies with some matchups (i really have lots of trouble with good Dhalsims…)

=> the way i understand of how to play against Adon, is to zone just outside / at the limit of the range of is lk jaguar kick, so to make him whiff. Coz whiffed JK are very punishable.

2nd thing to know is, after a jaguar kick, he is mainly at -2. So unless he does a random HK Rising Jaguar (or cancelable if he’s smart), just do a 4 frame move cancel special to do some chip damage, or punish any attemps to do something else

(like guile 2MP sonic, for instance).

As usual, never do this after the 1st block JK, wait to read his game to see if the Adon is doing random RJ :slight_smile:


Of course the Adon players are going to come in and defend their overpowered moves, but it doesn’t change anything.

I was talking about HIS level of play. I don’t care if Daigo can DP your Jag Kicks on reaction.

At 1900 PP, you can literally spam JK over and over and over for the entire game. It doesn’t matter which version you use, or where you do it from. That move is almost impossible to react to or punish for anyone but the very best players in the world.

I have put hundreds of hours of practice into Ryu, and I can only get to 1800 PP. I played Adon for ONE f’ing day, and I made it to 1400 PP without knowing a single thing about the character. All I did was spam JK and JT randomly and it was impossible for my opponents to deal with.

You guys are getting nerfed because your character is broken, not because people are crying about it. I get raped by Blankas and Balrogs but I never say a word about it because at least I know that I can win if I play solid. But against Adon, the only way I can win is if the Adon player makes a ton of mistakes. If he just stands back and JK’s me to death there is absolutely nothing I can do about it except for 10 psychic DP’s in a row.


The only thing nerfed was his wake up, everything else was a buff.

You know what that means? The “broken” character can STILL just spam jaguar kicks against YOU and YOU will still suck at the Adon match up.

Face reality. You’re blaming a character for your lack of ability to learn or practice the match up.

no character in this game is broken.


haha this post definitly made me smile, its sort of what I was thinking.

I come across plenty of people who can deal with jag kicks, it isnt as insane as you make out. If it was there would be more Adon players and I guarentee you that Adons would win more tournaments. You say only the top level players can react, well that is untrue. I have come across plenty of people online who react in plenty of time.

Oh one more thing. Is a move truly overpowered because low level players have a problem dealing with it ? while high level players dont ?
By that reckoning, to low level players Adon is S tier and everyone else is D tier to you ?

im tired, I dont even know if this post makes much sense. sigh …


I have mentioned twice now that I’m talking about your level, and you are STILL retarded enough to talk to me about “tournaments”.

You said you can’t get past 2k PP. I’m saying that people at that level cannot deal with JK and that is a fact.

Since you can’t post a video there’s no point arguing, but I would bet anything that you are losing because you are doing too many RJ’s and not enough JK’s. You mentioned that you are losing because you are “missing links”. Well that probably means you’re jumping in all the time trying to do combos.

I played a 17k BP Adon last night and he didn’t do any combos at all. He also didn’t jump in on me EVER. All he did literally was spam JK 500x per round. And when I was lucky enough to psychic DP him, he just got right back up and started spamming it again.


Wow you seem to have no idea what your talking about. Instead it just comes across as you sucking against adon and like most people who rufuse to learn the matchup you come here and say he is broken lol get real. And to be honest if you put 100’s of hours into the game with ryu and only got to 1800pp then id say there something wrong with your playstyle.

But yeah i get it a character you cant beat is broken wonder how many more characters you consider broken then.

SO ryu shoudlnt use fireballs then blanka shouldnt use balls. Incase you havnt noticed JK is adons most offensive tool so why the hell would they not use it and it cant even combo in most cases.


You should probably learn to read.

  1. I know the matchup very well. I lose to Adon because of 2 things. His JK is unpunishable, and I can’t safe jump him. If just one of these things was changed, everything would be fine. Fortunately capcom agrees and that’s why your wakeup is being changed.

  2. Adon is the ONLY character that I consider broken.

  3. When the hell did I say you shouldn’t use JK? My whole point is that you should use NOTHING BUT JK because of how good it is.

Remember this thread is “why can’t i win with adon at the 2kpp level”.

All I’m saying is that Adon obliterates people at this level BECAUSE of jaguar kick, so go ahead and abuse the hell out of it.


You guys inspired me to play with Adon tonight. Here’s a little video for you that I just recorded.


Couple things to note:

This is literally the 2nd time I have EVER used Adon. The first time was when I was doing his trials.

I don’t know any combos, punishes, setups, anti-airs etc…

I generally suck at this game, so it’s not like I’m some kind of awesome player who can use any character.

Despite all of this, I was able to beat an A ranked player. And before this game I beat several players between 1500pp-2500pp

If I did this with ANY other character, I would get annihilated. And that includes my main.

Stop taking this stuff so personally. JK is cheap, it’s ok, I don’t fault you for using Adon and it doesn’t mean you suck just because you use him. In fact, I think I might just switch to Adon myself so I can join the fun :slight_smile:


The problem wiht his wakeup is it took awhile for people to adapt to it but alot of people i have fought against have adapted so his wakeup is in no way a problem for them so it didnt need changing.

Edit And that gouken was so bad your vid doesnt really prove anything plus what was his pp i willing to bet if he plays like that they were low all the 10k+bp goukens i have fought dont just stand there letting me JK 3-4 times in a row.


um this thread isnt a ‘I cant get past 2k pp’ thread. It is a how long do you think it takes to get decent at Adon.
It just seems to have gone down that route. I have surpassed 2k pp now just so you know.

Also you cant base beating A rank players as any achievement. I have beaten plenty of people who have loads of bp, all it means is that they have plenty of play time under their belt. I have yet to even reach B rank…

Also having watched that Video its pretty obviously he didnt know the matchup verywell. He spent much of the game sitting on downback and trying to throw fireballs. The first round you also caught him with either a very lucky random ultra or a good read.

Also I would like to point out im not taking it personally, but you have basically said I suck haha.

Btw you can do that with other characters, seriously go Bison and your way to victory.