How long does a tournament usually last

I’m hosting a tournament of my own soon and I was wondering what I should expect for time.
It’s going to be a double elimination tournament, and 2 rounds to win.
With 32 people, how long would something like this take (on average)

With some relatively fuzzy math I came up with around 2 and a half hours. Is this accurate?

hahaha well it depends on how many games you play and how many ppl show up for those games…and then there is video game time which means all your tournaments are gonna start late(between 30 mins and 2 hours) cuz your gonna have straggerls showin up at the last min and tryin to get ppl to quit casuals can be a pain. the shortest tourny i ever went to lasted about 6 hours the longest prob around 13 or 14.

is this arcade? console? what game and where? i mean tournaments dont always run smooth so it can take many hours. i go to tournaments every chance i can (local arcade tournies) and it usually takes hours. getting people to be on time/waiting for your next opponent/people go out to eat/you just cant find them all the time things will add up. 2 and a hour hour tourny for a 32 man double elim has never happened from my experience hah.

How many games are you running?
How many people are signed up for each game?
How long do you plan to let them play casuals? (this is typically where things get off schedule)
Also make sure your venue is ready to go with all of your set-ups within an hour of everyone getting in. Any organizer will tell you that tourneys NEVER go as planned, just make sure you’re able to cover any problems need they arise.

It’s just gonna be an SFIV tourney, Haven’t started sign-ups yet but I’m gunning for 32.

There’s going to be one console for tournament matches, and one on the side for casuals.

And what about single elim? I’d assume it basically just cuts the time in half.

Do you think it’s worth the extra time to run double elim with 32. (from both an organizer and a player standpoint)

i dont really see casuals being a problem. where i have played arcade tournaments (ai and denjin) we just let them know that we are running a tournament and they just get off.

i mean you should ask the people going to your tournament. a lot of people dont like singl elim. i mean i myself like double elim rather than single but thats just me. some ppl prefer it some dont. if you have the time to i would say it is worth it to do double elim and i would say if you have money hungry people entering the tourny they will probably be pissed if it were single elim. ask the players around though get an overall opinion is probably best

Yeah That’s what I’ll probably do, just talk to the attendees and the owner of the place I’m running it at.

what i would recommend is if people leave to go eat, have them tell you and get their number or something so if they are up or going up soon you can call them.

There’s food at the place so I don’t think that will be too much of an issue, but it is a good idea.

Usually till you’re too tired to play anymore.

If I weren’t hosting it at a LAN center, and basically blocking up normal hourly play, I would.

I’d say you’d be done in 3-4 hours then. What I meant by casuals is just the “warm-ups” before tournament where people line up and play…which is typically the standard.

Gotcha, The only thing I think that could really be done for that (Because of time constraints) would be just sign people up as they arrive, let them do casuals while waiting for others, so when the last people sign up, they can do casuals whilst waiting for their turn.

It’s not perfect, but the time constraints make it so.

if its your first time do your best not to limit your time. If you have a time
issue, I would rather not host one at all, and single elm is fail imo.

never would i attend a single elim tourney unless there’s a good motivating factor

at most they last 2 days

but the memories forever

Don’t run casuals

You need more than 1 set up for tournament play. If all you are going to have is 1 tournament set up and 1 casual I would get rid of the causal set up. It’s going to take you atleast 3 hours if you run it on 2 tv’s and that’s if everyone stays right next to you while you are calling out names. Poeple leaving to get food or goto take a shit always hold up tournaments. Also will you have any other tournament games at this tournament you plan to throw? This will also add more time to your tournament. Get the # of people attending + how many games you will have at your tournament and how many are playing in multiple games. That will give you a better view on how long the tournament will run.