How long does it take for your stick to lose sensitivity?

I have a TE Mad Catz stick and I’ve had it for about 3-4 months now and it still works great, but at times some of the inputs don’t come out, and I feel like it’s not as responsive as when I first got it. Should I just replace certain parts or should I go ahead and think about getting another stick. I was thinking about getting a new one anyway so this would just make it more urgent. Another question I have is, if I get a new stick, should I go back with Mad Catz or should I look somewhere else? Thanks guys, I know the people who post in here are really knowledgable about this stuff.

I just replaced my JLF after about 500 hours of game play. I would try to cross up and end up jumping up. Annoying as heck.

If it’s just bad microswitches (and I think it would be unless you’re really hard on the joystick) they can be replaced pretty cheaply on a JLF with a new switch PCB assembly for less than 15 bucks. I would not buy a whole new stick, you can replace a lot more than just the switches for a lot less than that.

Well, it depends on the brand as much as the usage. Sanwa and Happ make arcade quality parts, so I would assume, given the randomness of arcade players, that there would be a fair amount of longevity. I’ve had my TE for over six months now and it gets all sorts of different play, from weak wristed girls to button mashy kids, and it’s still working fine.

thanks thats great to know!

Usually if you have an actual problem with the joystick dropping your inputs, it’ll be the switches; you may be able to duplicate the problem in training mode. If one of the switches is not working or working intermittently, you’ll see something similar to what MuT3SiL3Nc3 mentions, where say a diagonal won’t always come out properly, like trying to jump up/right and getting a neutral jump instead. That could mean the right switch is faulty.

If you think it’s a problem with switches, you probably want a new TP-MA. This replaces all 4 switches in your JLF. It is pretty easy to replace; just take the gate off and pull out the old TP-MA, and put in the new one.

Ok thanks guys. The problem I’ve been having is mainly with my focus attacks. Sometimes I’ll press it and it wont come out. It doesn’t happen often but still, I’d hate for it to cost me a match. Also I do recall one time I was playing offline and the stick just gave out for a couple second. My inputs were not working and Guile (that’s my character) was just standing there helplessly getting his ass whooped.

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