How long does it usually take before bp/pp are accurate after new iterations of SF4 come out?


I don’t mean for individuals, I mean how long does it usually take after bp/pp are reset with new iterations of Street Fighter 4.

I’m not sure if I ever got a Street Fighter 4 “expansion” near launch so I don’t have anything to go by. At the moment I’m fighting players I’d assume would have much higher pp/bp normally because their achievements seem to indicate they’ve been playing Street Fighter for a while at least.

This isn’t a complaining thread, my win/loss ratio is pretty decent so far, I’m just generally curious how long it will be before things are back to normal, and to clarify because I couldn’t in the discussion title due to word limit, I realize PP/BP isn’t always accurate.


Well, it sure as hell hadn’t reached that point before the reset, so who knows?


What makes you say that?


Being able to see the screen name of the other player before accepting the match results in the pee pees never being accurate.

Yes you read that right and I know it is disturbing, but it is true that with the current way this is implemented in the game you will not have accurate pee pees at any point ever.


Never. Because the Bp/PP shit was never accurate in the first place.


it’ll mean “something” in a year or so, but it’s never perfect, and basically means jackshit right now


I always go how they play and not by how much PP they have.

After youve played a while you can download the player mentally and know what level they are at.


Perhaps I should rephrase the question. How long does it usually take before a considerable amount of players are above 1000pp? Almost everyone on xbox at the moment seems to have less than 1000pp and while I realize the PP system is flawed I always felt it gave a vague representation of player skill despite this. As a player with average skill (I have about a 50% win rate) I also felt the system helped me to keep track of my progress to a certain extent.


About a month. People who play seriously and have the tiniest of ability will all be above 1000 at least.


Do you mean another month, or a month after release?

Because it’s been about half a month already since the game came out and I see very few people above 1000pp.


most of them arent very good either. theres a lot of people playing right now who wouldnt normally be playing so your sub 1000 pool is going to be pretty big

so yeah, by july. by august most of the irregulars will have dropped off as well


When people stop playing alts like this 99,999,999 PP guy

Though, I do give consideration to PP…I played enough to know when I am good with a character and just play that can be 3-4k and when I am OK is 2-3k and when I have no clue is or am just trying to practice a very specific thing it drops below that. I actually do pretty well vs. higher pp people because I take those matches seriously and those players may be just grinding it out but I notice the difference between a 3-5k player and others.

Sadly, there are no longer many players on X box…are enough to find games but the total number for ranked is like 30,000 and PS3 is supposedly worse. So idk. I like ranked because I can asses where I am at when serious or find matches when practicing the basics.