How long does lizardlick shipping take?

I know it takes 2-3 weeks for lizardlick to ship the items but how many days does the shipping take? I live in US btw.

Depends. It can take a week for me I live in California. If you live near North Carolina it could take a day.

he use to ship stuff out asap, now its ridiculously long wait time (couple of weeks). not 100% sure of this delay (possible staffing issue… …)

but rest assured you stuff will come, quality and well packed. its just do the wait thang. Hope lizardlick can turn around his delivery time like the old days

They ship USPS priority mail (2-3 days to most of the US) from 27527 and have a 2-3 week lead time.

this. he’s pretty good about keeping the shipping details page updated. but if you are in a hurry LL may not be the site for you (at least not until things chill out a bit).

In boston it’s about 2 weeks after order placement.

they quote 2-3 weeks but the last few times i’ve ordered it’s taken a month. still, they’ve got the best prices and selection so i’d highly recommend them.

This is bugging me too. I ordered a mayflash stick to mod with parts from lizardlick from hongkong, and it shipped in 5 buisness days with the cheapest plan there was. 2 weeks ago on saturday i ordered ALL my parts. on monday i got the email saying they had been shipped. 2 weeks already and nothing :frowning: not even tracking offered

It took 3 days for me in California after placing the order, so it varies.

I do hope whoever is reading this thread realizes the first post was almost a year ago, when we were just getting caught up from the SFIV rush… All of our orders now are shipping within 48 hours or less, unless there is an item that is out of stock… In fact, we had orders that came in this morning that shipped today. Drambit, if you had chosen Priority or better for your shipping, you would have your parts already (with tracking)… We have no control over how long an international package takes to arrive, so please don’t hold us responsible for in-transit times if you choose the absolute cheapest shipping option available…


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What Chad said. I’m in Oregon and it only took a few days from my order placement.

Last time I ordered, only took a few days. Chad’s a great vendor.
Another order coming soon.

Ordered 7/18/10. Shipped 7/20/10. Arrive 7/28/10. Live in Toronto, Canada.

I think Canada Post is dicking you around. Don’t hate on Chad. It’s really out of his hands onces he ships.

Yeah same here. It’s taking a while, but I dont mind. Im waiting for ART’s plexiglass and artwork as well. So I am in no rush. Yes.

Agreed it sounds like it could also be a Customs issue with international shipments… you would think its a no brainer shipment but you dont know what was in the same bin as your shipment… could of been other packages needing inspection that held up your mail… same happened to my imported car parts… took a month to get (after it hit the U.S) cause of the other shipments that came in from hong kong…

Wicked fast. I live in austin, get em in about 4 days. placed an order 2 weeks ago and it was fast as well. Was guinea pig for the new site, I will let you know how long this takes.

I placed a (rather complicated) order on July 29th, it shipped on July 30th and arrived today August 2nd. So, yeah, it can be awesome.

It has NEVER taken more than 3 days, and I live in Austin, TX. Chad has always done a superb job on keeping things in tact. Don’t let anyone fool you otherwise.

I agree. I am in Indiana and from the time I placed my order to delivery, only two days passed. In other words, I placed my order on a friday, early afternnon, and had the parts in my hands by monday afternoon. Izzy highly recommends. B)

Order received. 4 days or so. Thanks for the gift Chad, needed some.