How long does the Gameshark/Madcatz online store take to ship TE R2 Sticks?

not sure if this would be the right forum for this but I was wondering how long it takes for Madcatz to ship their Street Fighter 4 R2 Tournament Edition Sticks with their free ground shipping promotion? Also how long does ground shipping take? I heard it may take up 10 to 20 days? Sorry if this is in the wrong forums as I was not sure where else to put it since I found most topics regarding the Madcatz stick in the tech forums.

I would imagine within two business days. I’m sure it says what it is on their terms of service.
I would also imagine that it varies based on how much traffic they have.
I am certain though, that this isn’t tech talk related.

ditto. and they don’t ship out if you order on the weekend if i have that correct.