How long has this been around?


Is this a new “combo”? I know it can be parried out of after the reset but it still has some use in the Shoto matchup. I’ve never seen it before. =/

Hehe, I just thought this one up just over a week ago.

If you think the opponent has a decent chance of getting stunned, i think it can be worth going for.

I tried it a couple of times at the arcade, and one time i did it, the ken I was playing parried the rock. The fireball then hit him (with no stun reduction), then i think i just finished with RHs. This was without a jump in RH, and i did about 80% stun to stun + kill him.

Depending on the circumstances, i think it can be pretty deadly.

Should work on Yun and Yang too, possibly dudley as well.

dudley has one of the largest stun bar’s in the game so it probably won’t work on him >.> (as goes with alex Q hugo and i think Oro)

Well, there already is one for Q, so w/e

He does, but I think you can replace the 2nd fireball with an early RH. Similar to what happens in jinrais vids, no rocks will hit after the first rh, so thats a huge load of stun. Ill try and test it tonight.

I was trying this out today… is the second fireball fierce or strong? This combo isn’t really practical anyways… I can’t see anybody using it in a match for instance.

Excellent shit dude, loving that combo.

Dude I mean…I’ve never seen any other Oro player do anything like this on shotos. Are you some kind of master Oro god? When’s the last time a new set-up/combo was introduced into 3rd strike?

Both fireballs should be the Fierce versions. The Strong and Jab fireballs have more recovery and do less stun damage.

^ wow i never knew that, thx jinrai

Well that would explain the reason I’m not stunning when I do a strong one :\

I’m glad you ask… no I’m not.

That would be the keeperjin? I guess this kind of stuff is as useful/useless as you want to make it.

Not necessarily true…

I was gonna make a VERY in depth thread about the system mechanics and applications of tengu stone (theres a surprising amount which nobody here has ever mentioned), if you guys would be interested in it, just say and I’ll take some time out to make it.

But one of the things which would have been mentioned in that thread is the activation cancelled from a cr.fierce with the opponent cornered. Similar to jinrais stun vids, you need a big rock to be the frontmost stone for this combo to work…

When you do a cr.fierce xx tengu, the cr.fierce is blocked, then the super freeze occurs, then while oro is in his startup, he slides back. When the rocks come flying in, they go to where oro has slid back TO. But if you have a stone at the front, the stone moves in a lot quicker than the other objects, and it will actually appear where oro was BEFORE sliding back. Now, when you attack with tengu stone, the stones all move to the furthermost point of oro’s attacking hitbox. But as soon as they start moving to that point, they are actively hitting. Therefore, with this front rock considerably closer to the opponent, you can do an attack after activation (, and this rock immediately becomes active - and because it is already in the opponents face, it hits.

The reason you believe a kara strong fireball might give you more chance of hitting is maybe because you don’t have a big rock at the front, hence the opponent isnt hit as quickly, therefore he doesn’t fly up as much. The big rock will instantly hit, causing the opponent to go higher. Also, this will be the only rock to hit, and tengu stone has a really bad habit of heavily reducing the stun damage you do: Therefore you can only do this with 1 rock hitting before the fireballs.

Keep fooling around with this combo, and make note of when you have a big rock at the front - Your chances of pulling this off will be much higher if this happens.

I’d be very glad to read this in depth stuff.
no hurry, but if you do that, that would be great :slight_smile:

i’m sorry guys, quick question before i play a tournament tomorrow

for 100% stun on chun li if you start with an air chicken into (mp xxx mk.ckn) x2, and then low fierce reset, you CANNOT get the jab reset or anything afterwards to reset right?

i swear i tried it a million times, and i could have sworn you could do this but the jab or any move after the low fierce reset whiffs

if i do air chicken and then 1 rep of mpxxxmk.ckn, i can always get the jab reset, and same if i start the combo on the ground

am i a noob, or can you not do 100% on chun after air chicken and 2 reps of mpxxxckn

also good shit zak on this combo, i was trying it out and basically, if you don’t see the lk to fireball pop them up super high, just go for a rh, if you see it pop them high, then 2nd fireball and then rh. this is a very good combo, i will always go for this on shotos, thx zak!

You’re doing a reset so it should work… I think. I’m not to sure on this one. Doing air chicken to 2 reps to MP cancel is 6 juggle points so the super won’t connect, but I’m pretty sure it would after a reset.

I’m probably too late to help, but resets don’t reset the juggle count. Juggle/damage/stun-wise, resets are treated as if they were actual combos. If the opponent successfully parries at least one hit, however, everything DOES reset.

Long story short, one rep = good, two reps = bad.

you’re never too late jinrai, thanks for confirming it, i was getting frustrated in training mode hahaha, also zak, you got some pretty sick setups on your channel, very innovative man

while browsing youtube i found this 100% stun…anyone know how useful this is?


Hehe, thanks Thyallmighty, I think I have too much time on my hands :S

The Remy combo isnt too useful. You need the right rocks for it to work.

if you do land a jump in RH, a normal combo into ex tengu will do almost the same damage as that anyway.