How long have you played?


Well I’ve never played any fighting games before SSF4, and I’ve only been playing it for about 6 weeks. Out of my first 100 games I only won 9, but after 500 i won around maybe 30%. I wonder how long most of the people I play against have been playing. The reason I ask is because Im trying to figure out if this is for me or if most new people start out like this. If you are new, how long have you been playing? And if you dont mind saying, how much do you win (i know this isnt the most important thing but it is an indicater).


I’ve got nearly 2500 games played and 300+ hours spent.

And I still suck.


I’ve started SF4 7 moths ago und since day1 SSF4. @SF4 I played round about 2000 Matches, 140h playtime and my winrate was about 55%.
@SSF4 I’ve spent 350h+ playtime, 4300 matches and the winrate with my main is 76%, Balrog so fuckin easy to learn :smiley:

It’ll take some time and I’m still a noob. Compared to other game genres, fighting games are pretty hard to learn.


You should just assume that everyone you play has been playing since the game released.


I’ve been playing fighting games since I was 4 or 5(20 currently soon turning 21)starting with think hyper fighting for snes havn’t had time to play SFIV in awhile since the pc is being used


Skills sometimes just come with you by nature, some others needs more practice and practice to be good at something(video games, or another specifict task).

I have one year and a half Playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo and i still learning!, it’s ok to lose and lose and lose if you’re a novice, sometimes you really want to quit, but if you’re patience enough to take your loses, go to practice mode, practice hours and hours and play in competitive mode against friends or randoms, you gonna build a nice skills.


I’ve been playing fighting games since I was about 9 ( I think, my old timers memory is getting a little fuzzy LOL) and im 23 now so it’s been awhile.However, I only really started to understand fighting games about a year maybe a year and a half ago, so all the years of playing have only recently become an advantage (by that I mean being able to input special move commands easily, being able to memorize combos etc.) I really had no idea of how to use pokes, or what a mixup or rushdown game was, and there were many other things I was unaware of(and still unaware of). So, i’m still learning a lot even though I have been playing them for so long.




SF4 since release of vanilla.

Otherwise before that I was actually more into Tekken and Soul Calibur 2.
Grew up playing SF2 on the Snes and then an array of fighters on the Dreamcast (along with SF3)
Settled on Tekken 3, then 4 upon release and SC2 when I was in high school. Stopped playing altogether then picked it all back up again when vanilla SFIV was released.

Even after over a year of practice with Vega, I still suck with him :smiley: So it just takes time, it’ll come to you.


People play for a win, in a way that is kinda desperate.
I imagine them like a member of the borg from star trek sitting there.

People use their main in endless… fire ball spam… use turbo buttons (that should be a auto disqualification, it needs a patch) host on a shit connection… I have been playing for months and I could not give two shits about PP anymore!

It is just a game, a game I enjoy. Sad that only 3/10 seem to feel the same.


about 400hrs = waste of time i could have to something
over 5000 game win rate 70%
win rate with vega 77%


Started on Champion Edition. Retired with the death of Capcom vs SNK 2.

Never played SF4. Doesn’t look interesting.


467 Hours in SSF4 so far, and it’s the game I started on.


Bah, the first fighting game I played was Fighting Street. It was in a little liquir store down an alley by my house. Shit sucked. I think I was around 10 or 11. Then right around the corner the donut shop got Street Fighter 2 around 92 or so. I think I was like 12. Been playing Fighting games ever since. Ive sunk the most time in either A3 or CvS2.

I remeber when they got sf2 at the donut shop. I was going over there to play some video game, probably tmnt, and the dude was offloading it from his truck. I was stocked it was all nice and flashy, the cab that is. Then he hooked it up and I was in aww. I didnt have any more quarters but a nice regular at the DS gave me a quarter and I picked Blanka. I fell in love. Ever since then Blanka has been my main character. Funny thing is, the first person I beat the game with was Zangief. I just spammed spd’s and lariets.


I am in the same age group as Dirzzt but I got out of fighting games when everything went to a tag format. I just couldn’t get into all those marvel vs whatever games for some reason, even though marvel superheros is one of my fav games ever.
I dabbled in 3d fighting games but never seriously played anything other than the soul caliber series. Something about SSF4 kinda pulled me back into the scene, made me start asking stick questions and poking around forums for info.


450 hours on SSFIV. About 20 hours on Vanilla.

My win ratio is 53% after about 1,500 matches.


Playing since Third Strike or if you can include the Tekken series.


Im new to street fighter, i never played fighting games before but feel in love with ssf4. I have this same problem i feel like ill never catch up cause everyone has been since sf2. I now have 60% win ratio and this is from playing endless with really good players and getting my ass kicked with advice for 2 months. That helped me alot. always seek out better players as alot of people avoid them, like leaving endless if they lose, if i lose i love it and just try to get feed back and learn, but prepare to lose…alot


funny u sound upset like u do N/A


I don’t leave endless, I get kicked out or they leave.