How long have you



been playing Sakura?
And Rate your skill level with her out of 10.

I have been playing with her for 1 week now and am probably a 0.5/10

It feels like this character has a very high execution level and mine is really bad…


I actually remember when I picked her up because it was straight after an anime con, 20th Ocotober 2010.

So about a year and a half.

I would say I’m a 5 or a 6 with Sakura.


Sakura has been my favorite SF character since SFA2.

When SF4 came out I was using her but she wasn’t my best character. In SF2 when I was a young’n I could only play with charge characters and Fei Long. Dictator and Balrog were my best characters in SF4 Vanilla but I still used Sakura.

Eventually I put in the proper work with Sakura and now she’s the character I’m most comfortable using.

Unfortunately I would only rate myself at a 5 with Sakura.


Im at that stage I main Bison now but I want to switch up to Sakura because I’m bored with Bison. But she is so hard to play goddammit.


3 weeks or something. I’d say I’m probably a 1 or 2 with her now, so I guess a tiny bit better than a complete sakura beginner.


I’ve been using sakura for about a month and some change now, and right now, she’s my main. I’d give myself a 1.5.


Wow I’m so fucking trash with this character I can only do her BnB (s.Hp>l.tatsu>cr.hp>ex.tatsu) like 1/100 times…:frowning:
The low tatsu hardly ever comes out after the standing fierce and the cr.hp link is almost impossible…
Is it this hard for anyone else or am I just awful …


It’s mostly practice, no real trick to it, the fierce to lk tatsu shouldnt be to hard because it’s just a basic cancel, the tatsu to cr hp can be a bit trickier though because its a one frame link. You can make it slightly easier when you plink cr. hp. after the lk tatsu


I’ve mained her since Super and I think I’m around a 7 or 8


That (unjustified) humility… :eek:

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Lol, I’m not that great with Sakura


Mained since probably half-way through Super. Probably ~ 6. I know some areas where I need improvement and overall mentality fixes to get better. Gotta work at it!


I mained her when super came out then i dropped fighting games for awhile but just recently picked up AE.

If say Uryo/Humanbomb/(insert top tourney player name here) is 10 than i feel i’m a long ways off from that. like if their mentality through a combo set up is like “which 1-frame link combo should i do this time”, mines more like “PLEASE LINK, PLEASE…f*ck” but i refuse to give myself a grade below 6

Also BPDark, if you’re having trouble with st.HP xx lk. tatsu, you might want to try cr.HP xx lk. tatsu, it might help you get the feel better, since if you’re already crouching you just swing the stick for the tatsu.


Why would I do cr.HP her main combo is st.HP xx lk.tatsu cr.HP xx ex.tatsu/ h.shouken

I can actually do the cr.HP link pretty well but the st.HP xx l.tatsu is so incontinent for me…

This what I do as soon as the st.HP connects


Try drilling the cancel if you havent done that before, just do the st. HP xx lk tatsu, over and over again until you can do it 30 times in a row on both sides


I’ve been playing for a bit under a year now, would probably be generous and give myself a 6 or 7. I drop too many links/cancels but I feel my footsies are solid, my defense is above average and my AAs are generally on point. The overwhelming majority of my losses come purely due to execution issues.


I don’t know what to tell you man, what your doing is right, you might just have to adjust your timing a little. its hard to explain in text and i cant see how you’re inputting.


I can actually already tell you lol, if you check input display you’re very, very likely hitting lk a frame too early so you’re getting s.:hp: > :d: > :db:+:lk: > :b:


5? I would’ve said 7 if not for Fergus. Been playing her since Vanilla. I went from Ryu (keyboard) -> Rog (learning stick with charge characters) -> Sakura (learning stick with motion characters). Saber at Evo 2k9 really made me think the character was amazing with her resets and damage potential.


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