How long is the ultra freeze in frames?


How long is the ultra freeze in frames? How does it vary by ultra?


In terms of game time as we calculate it; 1 frame universally I believe. Same for Supers.

In terms of real life time in sixtieth of seconds, I have no idea, but they probably very a bit.


Ultra freezes are usually pretty long, but the exact time is specific to each ultra. Ryu’s fireball ultra has considerably more freeze than either one of Zangief’s ultras, for example.

I can only give the exact amount of frames for Cammy’s ultras. Not counting the first frame, it’s 91 frames of ultra freeze for Cammy’s ultra 1, and 68 frames for ultra 2.

I don’t have a good estimate of the cast average… maybe 80-90? Some ultras freeze up to 150+ frames.


Seth’s U2 is probably the longest ultra freeze.


Oh yeah, it’s somewhere around the 200 frame mark.


Would be great to have a list of ultra freeze lengths for each ultra… wondering if all Ultra freezes last more than 55f. And yes, I am thinking of frames as in 1/60th of a second. Sort of weird this data isn’t already widely available considering more obscure data is.


Because it’s completely useless data. The freeze duration doesn’t affect anything except the time on the clock. The actual game stops except for the clock. You could take any characters ultra freeze, and whether its 5,000 frames or 10 frames, what you or the other character can do in the meantime during that freeze is the same; nothing. You could use the freeze time to mash out reversals if you need to, but they still wont come out until the frame after the freeze ends.


You can buffer moves, and more importantly, charge during the ultra startup. Having an ultra with > 55f startup freeze has a lot of implications for charge characters responding after an ultra freeze. That’s why this data is important.