How long till MvC2?

So I know that MvC2 is estimated at 12pm-2pm, but I’m in a completely different time zone and can’t accurately calculate what time it will be on. On the stream it says -7 hours, it’s 19:03 so I assume it should be on now, but yeah… Any input is appreciated.

I want to know the status of Marvel, as well.

12 PM PST is 3PM EST…so about 40 minutes from now

Nappy Time!!!

Well, it should be 12pm now? I guess they’re finishing up MBAA? Yeah it’s just finished, wow! That was promt, right on time!

Ah crap, they closed the stream, I had a good spot too. Here’s hoping it doesn’t start lagging for me…

they are setting up equipment. came back on for a sec, showed keits and skisonic talking, then some dude rapping about snapbacks and then cut off again

Yipes vs Clockw0rk

That was some intense shit!

MAYNE!!! CLOCK in top 3! Justin Retakes the throne. Great finals.

Deffinately! Shame Clockw0rk couldn’t make it all the way, would have been one hell of an end to MvC2 at Evo! Congrats anyway, Strider/Doom in top 3 is too much!

Yeah, I’m pleased with the results.