How long till restock of madcatz fightstick?


whoever was the marketing manger of madcatz sucks, we have to wait so long for a restock with no real date of its release, i think i might buy another fight stick instead.

i suggest to complain more to them, putting pressure on them to release asap


According to Madcatz and Gamestop, My TE fight stick will be coming in the first week of March. I’m pretty much holding that to them, and I’ll be very upset if I have to wait any longer.

I’ll seriously be looking into extra compensation that isn’t just a free wall scroll if I have to wait more.


Complaining won’t work. They can only do so much and there’s too much demand. They already said that they’ll make plenty so that everyone who wants one will get one so I’m grateful enough for that


Yeah, I’m sure I’ve posted this many times, but I’ve been shit on.

Ordered Jan.12 from BB. Feb.05-07 Arrival. Pushed to Feb.15. Pushed to Feb.19. Pushed to March.01. Pushed to March.08.

People who pre-ordered late Jan/Early Feb got their shit before me. :expressionless:

S’ok, I threw away $70 bucks on a converter and I’m sure it’ll hold me over once it gets here. If anything now I have two sticks to play on.


I’m in the same boat I preordered my stick from GS back in early December and I still don’t have it yet. This is ridiculous I wold think they would have filled all the preorder before anyone else but I guess not.


I can try to milk both Gamestop and Madcatz for free stuff or discounts, it’s worked before. Push them enough, they will crack and give you stuff to keep your business.


MadCatz marketing was terrible? It’s the exact opposite. Marketing was able to “market” the sticks so well that casuals, veterans, and pros alike were crazy about these sticks. The very fact that you desire a stick as well as the fact that the sticks are sold out demonstrates how the marketing and hype for these sticks was planned well.

In the end, demand was higher than supply. Blame the restock on the factories unable to produce as much, or the analysts that determined how many sticks were to be produced.


I’d +rep this if I could.


Nope, they said they were only going to make a limited supply of it its not the factories fault said by the madcatz manager itself, they didn’t know how popular it was for the sf4 and a analysts for production of a product is a marketing analyst

In the end they though it wasn’t going to be as popular as they though it was which is a mistake in their end which is now losing them more profit than they could make, making customers wait while they will just buy another fight stick or ebay sf4 sticks on ebay, sales delay = less profit


Has anyone actually received or brought one of these at a store? I ordered them back in December and I got a email stating that they got pushed back. March or April is now the estimated ETA on them. I cant believe this!


I’m sure MadCatz has “marketing analysts,” but I’m also 100% sure that they asked a 3rd party to determine how many sticks they would make.

But looking back, was it the fault of the factories? MadCatz was supposed to make a certain amount, meaning they would let retailers pre-order a set number of the whole stock of sticks. They failed to produce that. It would be something if all retailers received their sticks and they sold out, but that isn’t the case. Example: LizardLick. Chad stated he wouldn’t receive TEs until late March to early April when he was supposed to receive them before or at the time of release.

In the end, this is all speculation that we shouldn’t be commenting on. We can’t do anything about it. Just be good little boys and girls and be patient.


im still waiting for my gamestop to get it. when i went to get my CE last week they only had the 360s hopefully it arrives this week for the ps3


Who knows… The whole thing is a WTF mess. Went to one of the many Game Stops in my area last night and saw a TE stick on the floor behind the counter. They told me they got it in a shipment and an employee bought it, no reserve nothing. I asked did anyone reserve it? He said no. I asked, how did you get it? He claimed to not know anything. Hmm… Bet that thing ends up on Ebay soon as the employee’s could give a shit about Street Fighter.


^ Hey that’s really fukked up … you should post the name of that store and the manager’s name. And call head office and tell them the story because I bet some poor bugger had that on paid reserve somewhere, no doubt, No doubt at all … bastards !!!


so what im hearing is that when this next shipment is announced i can preorder for that and finally get me a TE stick for 360 or is it a first come first server ie no preorder ?


I’m under the impression that it’s only to fill in the pre-orders for people that haven’t recieved them yet. I’m not sure you’ll be able to pre-order let alone walk in purchase.


damn … not tryin to pay ebays outragous prices i mean 500 for a 150 stick is crazy


Still waitng on mine too. Just glad that I’ll actually be getting it so no complaints from me. Just sucks it was only PS3 sticks it seems.


I ordered my stick last week on the MadCatz UK website, It said that it was available to buy so i got one right away and paid in full via paypal.

I cant understand all of a sudden the website said they had some for sale and it went to Available.

I recieved 2 emails saying i have ordered and paid for the item, but no email saying about a shipping date yet. I know on the website they say its a 5 day Shipping time, so was i lucky to order it??

Edit Mine cant of been delayed because i have not recieved any email saying so…


I ordered mine in december from a local GS. And what do you know they didn’t get it. I’m so pissed. What gets me is that other GS’s in town got their pre order sticks and this one didn’t. I wanna go postal cuz the people who generally work at GS piss me off for being stupid.