How long till restock of madcatz fightstick?


Can anyone help me out or in the same situation as me? (see above post)


Problem is with these things is way too many people buy to resell on ebay. They’ll get like 8 reserved. I guarantee almost 40% of the sticks were bought for resell purposes.


i’m sure at first this wasn’t intentional but eventually as people found out it was hard to get they started to resell it


well, I have to wait untill 27 of March, it sucks hard!
ordered 18 January.


If people would quit buying crap from the skeevy resellers at premium prices, this would be way less of an issue. I despise the people who come in to buy stuff and do that, but unless they give me a reason their money spends as well as anyone’s.

I work at one of the major game chains, and have worked for the other. As far as shipments go, they really don’t know what they’re getting or when 99% of the time, so don’t bother asking. They get shipments every weekday usually, and the time varies. I’d recommend calling in the early afternoon, daily, and asking if they have any available sticks. If they say no, thank them and say goodbye. If they say yes, let them know your name, that you’ll be on your way and please hold it for me until I can get there.

I don’t know what other stores situations are like, but at my store we haven’t received several of our pre-ordered sticks and fightpads (one variety for one system has never showed up, but all the others have been satisfied) and been told they would be trickling in between now (launch) and the end of March. When they arrive, our pre-orders come first… I can’t speak for other stores, but we take care of the guests who care enough to pre-order. After that I seriously doubt that we’ll see lots of extras, but I’m sure we’ll see a couple. It’s not that they’re “limited” as MadCatz has informed us they’ll keep making them as long as they sell, but they’re pretty expensive, and arcade sticks usually have a very limited audience.

Has anyone considered that this might be intentional? This is the way Nintendo markets their stuff (make just under what you can sell, let people get all hot and bothered for it, then keep making it for YEARS because it keeps selling) and maybe MC is taking a page from their book?


I ordered mine last week, too. Called MadCatz for a few days because it hadn’t shipped but got vmail. Finally got a hold of someone and they said there was a glitch in the system and they don’t actually have any in stock. Tough breaks.

And no, not going to give freebie or priority to those who thought they had bought one. Already asked.


I pre-ordered mine from in the middle of February shortly before the game was released because they still had it for pre-order and I thought why not take advantage of it. A few days (like 2) later it went to Backordered and then a couple of days after that the item was removed completely from their website. The explanation I got from the representative was that they were supposed to have enough stock to fulfill all the backorders, but they had still not received their entire shipment from MadCatz and due to that are unable to fill out the pre-orders. They said they were told that their shipment should be in by mid-March, and that it would be in my hands by the end of March at the latest.

From what other people are saying and from my personal experience it just seems like MadCatz grossly underestimated the demand for these sticks and did not produce enough of them OR are purposely exploiting the market to raise demand/prices/etc. We should be seeing enough sticks to fill-out the pre-orders soon, but if you’re trying to just go into a store and get it you’re probably gonna be waiting a lot longer.

IF you didn’t pre-order and you’re just trying to snag one, I would say your best bet is to either call in your local gamestop or whatever game retailer you have and let them know that you’re looking for a stick and realize that they are currently out of stock but under the impression there would be future shipments and that you would like to be included on them. One of the gamestops I called trying to get a stick after my pre-order fell through had told me most of the GameStops (at least in SoCal) were expecting a new shipment in March. I don’t know if this is just to fulfill pre-orders that weren’t completed or to have extra stock, but at this point its your best bet if you don’t want to get shafted by inflated prices.


I’m waiting for a pair of TE’s myself. I just hope MadCatz isn’t going into such ridiculous production that QC falls back to their old ways. That would piss me right the hell off.


What would be nice is to get a hold of some of the pcb from the standard $80 stick. Im sure it would be simple to rig and wouldnt need the whole resistors and NPN for the trigger buttons.


Statement from MadCatz global communications manager Alex Verrey:

stocks will be ?replenished through March, April, and May.? He stressed that MadCatz ?are doing everything humanly possible to manufacture more units as quickly as possible? without sacrificing the quality of the TE: FightStick.

?Crucially, we WILL be making more and we aim to ensure that any gamer who wants a stick WILL be able to purchase one,? he added. ?we simply ask for a little patience and for you all to stick with us (no pun intended).?

He also tossed up a word of warning. Currently, eBay?s inflated prices for the controller ($255 and up) are laughable, but also the reality of people scrambling because they think the controller is toast. ?.. may I remind all readers that one should not be forced into purchasing at an inflated price on the false assumption that no more sticks will ever be available.?

So, if you want one of the big red beasts, keep checking your favorite retailers (or MadCatz) for pre-order status, as they will be updated as shipments leave the badass plants that make the hot product. And avoid eBay. Please.


I just got a similar emial from Madcatz. Sticks will be made available for anyone who wants one. Most if not all pre-orders will be filled by May…hopefully. Do not pay $300-$500 for the TE stick, there will be more.


By May? Damn that is a long window… The email is a start, but wish they could tell some of us who preordered back in December, if we will see a stick before summer. A wall scroll was a nice gesture, but I dont care for them. how about a faceplater instead? :wgrin: Distribution has been a joke and GS wants to blame MC and say they decide which stores get what and what times, and MC blames GS. I want a TE stick, but more importantly I wanted a nice stick to play SF4 when it was released. Had I known that I would have had to wait till May back then, I would have spent my money on something else. Trying to play SF on the 360 pad blows.


I was thinking the same thing. Infact I wouldn’t be surprised if its higher then 40%.


I’m waiting for my TE too.
First my onlineshop said they’ll ship the stick around the 20th february…now it was march and yesterday I got an e-mail that it could be April…

I hope that we all get our sticks before June ore something like that =( My default PS3 pad sucks for SF4 -_-


A month later… Is there any word on restocking? There aren’t any TE fight sticks in my area and I haven’t been able to find a website anywhere that is talking preorders.


Yea, anyone who preordered get their sticks yet?


The SE stick has been available on a few major games companies websites over here in the uk for the last week of so. I ordered my SE about ten days ago and received it last week.

Beats paying the over inflated Ebay prices for sure.

The TE still isn’t available though, but I’m just gonna mod my SE with sanwa parts anyway.


Where did you get your SE stick from? I cant find it anywhere in the UK

I can see Gameshark has the PS3 version but I need the 360


Mine was the ps3 version. Not sure about the 360 version.

For anyone after the ps3 version, the following sites had them in stock when i last checked on saturday;


FFS Aaarghh!! No one has the 360 version, wtf is this? Why does the PS3 get them and not the 360?