How long until it will wear out?


Hello tech talk community
I’m getting concerned about the lifetime of sticks recently. I own two medium grade sticks (hori ex type), one of which is modded with sanwa stick and buttons.

Some of my friends are total casual gamers, and also frantic buttons mashers… As I enjoy playing at home to get everyone to play on sticks instead of struggling on the 360 pads, my arcade sticks are open to everyone to play on.

So, I ask the question to long-time stick users, how long will these things last, with around 2 hrs a day of stick abuse and buttons mashing ? What symptoms will appear ?

Same for the stock Hori parts, and for the Sanwa parts ?



Expect the Hori parts to crap out soon. Hey, they might not, but odds are they probably will. I have never had any problems with my Sanwas, and they are 2 years old or so. I actually like my older Sanwa buttons better than my newer ones. The joystick is pretty tough too, but even if that craps out that is a really easy fix, usually just a switch swap will do the trick.


Well, sanwa parts are used in cabinets so they withstand quite a beating for multiple hours a day from mashers and little kids who bash the buttons while pretending to play the game

They’ll be good for a long long time.

A button is about 3 bucks and 2 minutes to replace anyway.


Genuine arcade parts like Happ or Sanwa can withstand a lot of abuse, will last a very long time, are cheap, and easy to replace.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Get that second stick modified with sanwa too, and you’re good to go.


Just replace everything Sanwa. I’m pretty sure people don’t abuse their sticks as rough as people do in the arcades. Alot of the people in the arcades are non-gamers and don’t really know how to play properly, and they just go crazy lol.

Its like back in the day, when someone plays Super Mario Bros, when they make Mario jump, they make the jumping motion with the control pad as if it was a Nintendo Wii lol.


My wife destroyed a brand new ex2 using it to play scIV in less then a month. If you have friends with regular epeleptic fits I would implement a bring your own stick policy.


@pwningnewbs: An accurate description indeed :DD Understand my problem though: They don’t have sticks, casuals as they are, and I prefer having them abuse my sticks than having everyone play on pads. Just wondering if I have to plan buying replacement sticks and buttons soon…
Apparently not, at least not the sanwa parts. I’ll wait until the hori stock ones die, or at least become significantly worse than the other one.

@all: thx for the answers.


Ah, thanks a lot guys. This thread really helped calm me down. I have a bunch of mash happy relatives/friends who go nuts whenever they see my TE stick. Even I think I’m smacking the buttons a little too hard sometimes, but all of your logic makes sense (The fact that Sanwa parts last 2 years in an arcade filled with mash happy kids/hardcore players).