How long will the HD Remix servers be available?

I’m asking because this game is a drug, hd remix servers won’t be avaible forever and ever.

Despite the PS3 version is buggy and annoying, i can’t imagine my life without the online mode.

Maybe in the future, idk, perhaps at least we’ll have the possibility of having our own servers and play it forever! or maybe someday will be available for GGPO to play it peer to peer.

What do u know about that guys?

As long as Xbox Live stays around, 360 owners will be fine. :slight_smile:

PS3 on the other hand, I guess it depends on how many people are playing it, if there aren’t enough then Capcom may pull the cord.

It may be free for the public but it’s costing someone money!

Microsoft is awesome in which they usually handle the server side stuff (probably because we pay yearly fees for XBL). Ever notice how XB1 games still can be played online?

Sony is a different story. They force the people who make/publish the game handle the server side, which means they (not Sony) can pull it whenever they want. While I don’t recall any PS3 titles getting their online pulled out after they become stagnant, it happened A LOT with PS2 games. I’m guessing when PS4 starts coming around a lot of PS3 titles will lose their online functionality.

D’oh, maybe I should just save up for a X360. : ( I’m really stuck at the moment. I’ve pretty much saved up ~$300. I could either spend that on an X360, or buy a backwards compatible PS3. A BC PS3 would be awesome because I really want to consolidate as much of my gaming onto one console as much as possible. That said, there are plenty of X360 games that I want to play and online seems to be much better for XBL than PSN. Oh decisions decisions.

Not to try to derail this, because that’s not my goal AT ALL, but if Studtrooper is right, and PS3 could EVENTUALLY lose its online play for HDR, why was PS3 adopted as the tournament standard console in the first place? I mean ideally online play should help more people get better to give more people confidence to come out and to play live…

I’d personally like to know what went into the community’s decision to make PS3 the tournament standard as I wasn’t around when that decision was made and this thread makes me want to rethink that decision.

Agree with 1hitparry, it’s maybe a tradition.

damn, maybe i should start saving money from now on for an X360, the problem is, that i’ve preordered the SF IV Arcade Stick TE, i wonder if this Stick is compatible with X360 too…

Maybe the HD Remix servers will be available for 3 or 4 years maybe(for PSN)… in XBL, i don’t think HD will be around forever too, just think, HD Remix with online mode in 2020? lol.

You can always get the converter switch for your PS3 stick… its a lot less expensive than buying another stick and from what I hear its lagless in the conversion.

If you’re referring to the Cthulu, that only works on XB360 sticks (for PS3 functionality).

Get the XBox.

360 all the way dude. If backwards compatibility means THAT much, buy a PS2. They’re only like 100 bucks now.

  1. Evo had a deal where Sony provided the PS3s. Is Microsoft willing to sponsor a bucket load of 360 consoles?

  2. When HDR started, there weren’t any good 360 sticks available but there were already quite a few PS2-to-PS3 converters out for all the folks who played on the PS2. This isn’t really an issue now though.

  3. Any tourneys with Tekken 5 DR needed to use PS3s anyway. This also may or may not be an issue if the 360 port of Tekken 6 is good, although most Tekken players have a strong leaning for the PlayStation (controllers being a part).

  4. 360 models before Jasper were highly volatile with ridiculous failure rates of up to 50%. Current models are much more stable so this isn’t an issue anymore.

I don’t see how online play has any factor on what the tournament scene uses though, esp. considering online will most likely last for years to come. The versions are identical offline so it’s not like anyone should have trouble adapting.

^^^^ Never heared the trem JASPER before. Can anyone elighten me?

It’s a code name for the chip sets used in Xbox 360 consoles. The original was the Xenon, followed by the Zephyr with a better GPU cooler, followed by the Falcon with a smaller 65nm CPU, followed by Jasper with a smaller 65nm GPU, and a tentative follow-up called Valhalla that integrates the CPU and GPU into one 65nm chipset.

With each model, failure rates (esp. RRODs) declined. And now, with the Jasper (released late last year), the rates are around the same equivalent range as the other current-gen consoles.

oooh nice… thanks for the tip, but where in the hell can i buy one of those?, i’ve been googling that shit but i didn’t fight anything =(

PSN is paid for by Playstation Home. The ads in that program are paid for by the companies wanting to advertise, and that’s why we don’t have to pay for PSN, PSN isn’t bad, its the PS3 online netcode with HDR that’s bad.

What I don’t necessarily like is that in a few years time, live costs more than what the console cost, and you still have to keep paying.

THanks! Rep’d.

Playstation Home is probably free due to those ads. It doesn’t even come close to the cost of keeping PSN up and functional. Sony’s taking that hit to look better than MS for keeping their online play free compared to Xbox Live.

ill gladly pay for live if they keep up the great work WITH EVERY online game ive played(which is basically the same games ive played on the psn, with a few exceptions and 360 exclusives).

literally every online ps3 game i have(cod4, codwaw,hdr,fat princess, lbp, mgs4, killzone 2, some other dled titles) gives me problems EVERYTIME i turn on my machine.

whether it be match drops, tremendous lag, or not even being able to connect to a game period, there’s always something retarded going on with sony’s “free” online.

honestly, microsoft charging under $10 a month isnt bad for online play that is near flawless.

i would only recommend the ps3 to people who already have a 360.

Like I said, I would like to start consolidating my stuff onto one system. I already have a PS2, but I don’t really feel like dealing with non native resolution lag (is that still a problem?) and the fact that I can no longer remember what I have on what memory card. And there aren’t that many games that I think of that I would really want.

It’s not too big of a deal for people that has a job, but I can understand for those who don’t.