How Long Would You Last?

If you were to run out your front door right now, and just fight every single person you come across, how many people could you take down before you yourself are taken down/out? Just your body to use as a weapon.

What if you were allowed to use any weapons you come across?

How far would you get? What would be your gameplan?

Yes I’m this bored (and need a good laugh).

Honestly, I think I could do some serious damage and rack up a sweet body count, especially if the elderly were out and about.

There’s a major downpour right now, so I’d only have myself to fight. :lol: If I went out in the middle of the day, I’d drop quite a few before I got bored. Only fat housewives and children during the day in my neighborhood. :rofl:

There are a LOT of old people in my immediate area so we’re talking double digits. Around the corner is a school (who the fuck is breeding these kids, I don’t know) so that just adds to the numbers. I could take a few out on the main intersection before being taken down though.

And you live in Hamilton for Christ’s sake. Whoever isn’t carrying a gun is carrying a sharpened toothbrush to rob people with for crack money. I don’t think you’d last a minute.

naaa i live up the mountain. And I live a few blocks away from an insane asylum or whatever the fuck it is.

i would probably win like 3 or 4 straight just off a lot of anger thats been building up lately but after that i imagine i would tire out or just find somebody thats big as fuck and take and L. weapons arent my style either so it would be just fists.

Am I fighting people one on one or in groups?

Regardless, I live in the North end of my city (which is considered the rough end), about two blocks away from the highest crime neighborhood in the city (although our crime rate isn’t even that high…), so I wouldn’t last too long.

This reminds me of a question someone asked a while ago. It was the same question, only, it was an infinite supply of 9-year olds charging at you. How many would you be able to take down before they overwhelmed you? Best answer was grab one by the feet, and giant swing (like King from tekken). Long as you keep spinning the kid, the oncoming masses will keep getting knocked away. Could probably take out 50 to 70 of them that way.

Back on topic, I wouldn’t get taken down. I fight with words. Peace-making words.

I live in a college dorm full of athletes.
I’m a 5’4" Asian with little fighting knowledge. lol

Would this be like Survival Mode? Or everyone in the vicinity coming at you simultaneously?

Epidemic could take entire towns with his chimp friend he made by beating him. Together they would rule the world.

The only people in my neighborhood are old asians, young ones (around 10 and such), the average asian family, and the token black family. I’ll probably take down some families/old people walking by but once I the black family gets tagged in, I think its GGPO for me. One of them is built like a bodybuilder.

I’m in Cleveland. So 3 seconds. If I was back home though I could fucking pwn the middle school nearby.

And I’d have time for catchphrases:

School’s in, bitches.

The questions in the lounge were better. :coffee:

do i get life back for each person i beat?

My floor in the apartment is filled with skinny hipsters, so I’ve got a easy 10-15 right there. Across the street is where the burly mexican construction workers are, so I might be able to get one more KO before I’m taken down.

Columbia’s also got a shit ton of cops, so even the first 10-15 are in jeopardy.

I live in a Japanese residential area in Tokyo, Japanese being Japanese (with their initiative spirit points being in the negatives, and sumimasenning everything before taking action), I could take down A LOT of them, including cops!

I could go until I collapse from exhaustion or the anti-riot special forces (actually armed) snipe me down from a chopper.
If I can use weapons, I see no one in the street / station that could possibly stop me (cops in Japan don’t carry guns)… I just have to avoid the areas where other foreigners (The huge healthy US ex-military christian extremist vigilantes, or the big Black guys in Roppongi) live, and I 'll be fine!

I guess at some point, the cops special anti-riot forces will definitely snipe me down. But I am sure I could take down shit loads of random dudes before this happens.

I’d say over a 100 easily!

Take small alleys (take out some old people and kids to warm up) until I reach the commercial area, get to a hardware store pretending nothing happened and that I am just a regular white guy gardening, and get a lightweight chainsaw.

Tokyo being really crowded, I am gonna need to take down large amounts of people FAST if I want to keep moving forward.

If the goal is a high body count body count, I’ll saw my way to Ikebukuro station directly, and just swing the chainsaw randomely to see the score rising by 10 kills per second!

If the goal is Distance covered, I’ll keep running along suburban roads, crossing Parks and shit.

If I can use vehicles, Aomori coast. (then I would be limited by the fact that Japan is an Island)
Otherwise, I dunno… I am not sure how much distance I could cover on foot wielding a chainsaw before the Anti-Riot special forces deploy a helicopter / I collapse from exhaustion.

Maybe 10 to 20 miles, I guess…

Japanese people always “bug” when something unexpected happens, so they will just keep walking pretending everything is normal.

Dude, with a chainsaw, I could do a massacre with a higher body count than Dead rising on super-hardcore-mode, no problem!

Just imagine a crossover “Serious Sam vs. Lemmings”, and I think you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it would be like.

I dunno about a chainsaw, that shit would get gummed up. Plus, a chainsaw is heavy as fuck.

Regardless, I’d still play Dynasty Warriors: Atryu.

How many senzu beans do I get?

for the sake of this argument, we’ll assume u do NOT get tired from fighting people. Injured or ganged up on, sure. But we’ll assume adrenaline does its thing. Or u smoked crack+heroin+ice+mr clean magic erasor.

and for all the “would I x or would I y?” questions…why not say both lol?

Do I start close to a temple that has the bow & arrow/hook shot?

Realistically, it could be pretty low since I have one neighbor that’s around 20-something and in seemingly good/average physical condition. The other neighbor right across the hall is a pudgy, older white guy (not grey-haired “old” but probably middle-aged), so him, the wife and child would be easy targets. The younger neighbor is the potential threat. Upstairs, there’s petite 20-somethings…women, so no real threat there. Another potential roadblock though is the 20-something white guy that’s an apparent boyfriend to one of them. He’s a bit on the buff side so that might be game over unless I could get him by surprise with a weapon.

*haha, in this “game” here the buff threats are obviously the “boss characters”. I need a health-pick up, like baked chicken on a plate that appears on the ground.
*[media=youtube]8npPhjpSpYQ&feature=related[/media] theme music of course.