How make Tengu Stone combo?

Always High Kick, I not make, please help.

press two or more punch buttons upon activation.

If your refering to the stun combo, you need to distance yourself accordingly so the top edge of the roundhouse connects. The stones will naturally miss on Chun, Q, and Elena.

Using two or three punch buttons simultaneously to activate Tengu stone gives you EX tengu stone. EX tengu stone ignores the juggle limit so that you can juggle your opponent so long as you have the super activated.

Thanks a lot friends.

Not worth making a new thread for this, but a friend claims you can get 28 hit combos using 3 piece tengu stones and just lk, I don’t think it’s possible but he swears to have seen it in person. Can someone settle this argument for us?

LOL it’s not possible… he probably saw some poor schmuck get raped cause he wasn’t blocking hahaha.

I can do a 31 hit combo with 3 stones, with a few conditions. Well its really around 38 hits if i get lucky, but 31 is much more realistic. And it does shitloads of damage too.

It’s possible, but really unlikely. If you get the three stones to offset correctly, they will hit right after each other, giving you time to do another normal, and then the stones will chain again. The most common way I’ve gotten it is doing UOH’s over and over on a crouching opponent. Once the stones start doing this, the UOH’s will combo into each other, and you can either keep doing them or switch to c.lks. Summary of the whole thing is its possible, but pretty much luck based (expect to see something along these lines if KYSG does an oro vid.)

Edit: A couple quick trials in training mode and I can easily get 8-11 hit combos just by mashing lk, do this for a little bit and you’ll at least see what I mean about the stones hitting consecutively.

Damn, now I’ve gone and made a fool of myself.

On the up side I have a new combo to practice, I guess I have to look for the certain tengu stone pattern and teach myself to react to it, but it seems worth the practice.

OK i tried uploading a vid but no lucks :S So im just gonna describe what conditions you need for this to work.


STONES: There are 5 kinds of object you can get, brick, dino, robot/rocket, big stone and paving slab (thats what i call it). You’d think big stones would work too, but their hitboxes arent right for this.

the condition is that you need 2 paving slabs, 1 at the front and 1 at the back, that is all.

From then, do uohx10 or whatever, on a crouching twin, and you’ll see in perfect sequence 1 of the paving slabs keep the twin down so you’ll have time to land that next uoh, at which point the other paving slab will hit. It does about 70% damage, mbe a bit more. Possibly even MORE if you decide to break the combo in the middle to reset damage reduction and carry on.

i get 31 hits from doing this then finishing with a mkxcommand grab. But with the slab+slab+slab combination I get 38 hits. However, the robot+slab+slab combination doesnt seem to chain the uoh, however, i only tried this when the opponent is stuck in the LEFT corner, so perhaps it will infact work on the right, in which case theres more chance of it working if the opponent is on the right of the screen, but doubt it.

robot+slab+slab comes very close to chaining throughout, so perhaps theres some other chain of moves that would all link.

And FYI, upon activation, theres a 5/64 chance of you getting a paving slab at the front and back.

EDIT: For Sergio - it shouldnt be too hard to react to, you can just start with pinning the opponent down with a move, then move into the combo whenever you feel like it. But it IS necessary (if you choose to ever activate 3 stones not 5) to understand what moves+chains you can get away with, depending on what stones you get. Not knowing this will mean you quickly get thrown/shoryu’d.

Bah too much to learn >_<

Your example only mentioned the twins, does this work on anyone else, are there different combos/stone combinations required to make this work on other characters?

The stones you get are random anyway. Just play like you normally would.

Its really not random…

And there are some combinations you simply will never see, for example, 3 robots, it just cant happen. It is largely down to chance, but the moves you do can infact determine what combination you get, it certainly is NOT random. You can give yourself a slight statistical advantage.

Generally, you’ll find that you’re safest to do things like uohs when you have a large stone or slab farthest away from the opponent, because if you do an attack, its the last to hit the opponent, therefore you end up with a greater frame advantage even on block, and you can carry on with your next move. Because of all the combinations of stones you can possibly get, there are in fact more combinations where a big stone or slab appear to the very RIGHT of oro, therefore, weirdly, you’ll have more success chipping away when the opponent is in the LEFT corner.

Whether or not you believe the stones are random, you still have to think hard about what to do when you see what objects you get. Theres a 3/32 chance of getting no large objects when you activate, and to be honest you’re not very safe at all with this combination, because the opponent will have a lot of oppurtunities to throw even if theyre just blocking, and an easy guess parry = win for them.

On the other hand, theres a 7/64 chance of getting 3 large stones or slabs, and when you get this you’re absofuckinglutely laughing. Just make sure, if you’ve scored a knockdown before activating, that you hit meaty enough, so maybe 1 or 2 of the stoneshit the opponent, because these stones take a bit longer to recover after they hit, even tho things like the big stone do infact rush onto the screen quicker than any other object:looney: So once you’ve pinned the opponent down, chip away with uohs all you like, but id strongly recommend too. It does tonnes of damage and has 3 active hit frames; which means if any stone is totally idle (ie has returned to its original position) itll attack again if one of the hitframes is active at the time. Also, if you happen to NOT get any stones fly in during, the block will cause oro to slide back… But you’re still in range to land another, at which point you WILL get stones hitting, and you can simply walk in again to get close.

So far as I can tell, it only works on the twins, their hitboxes and the hit box of the slab are perfect to do this combo, but chars like chun and ibuki still duck under it, sadly. Itd be quite suicidal to use normal tengu against chun li anyway.

This is awesome, I get thrown out of UOHs a lot because I expect the stones to keep them pinned down long enough for my next attack, I could never figure out why it only happened half the time.

Holy mackerel, I never realized how complicated the stones were. I just thought they were identical. @_@

yeaaaaaah !
thanks a lot guys !:lovin:
I’m a new oro player and really gets raped regularly by an experienced Yun player (so often you can call it a wedding), any piece of info is useful!

Combos with SAIII of mid screen…anyone can help?

Yeah i know what your talking about yagyou guy. LIke the satellites combo to fast and I drop my combo randomly when i have 5 satellites. When i have a giant bolder it stuffs out uppercuts and virtually any move. A vid of me doing it during a tournament match will come out soon. I think the toy dinosaur sucks and the construction part of the building sucks. Giant bolder for meaty attacks, satellites for speed and some what meaty attacks. Just what I think.

Also about ground combo tengu i remember seeing thanatos doing it once too lazy to find it though and I pulled it off in front of sergio once a while back… A WHILE BACK.

this is good stuff, i dunno why i never read it

so gimmie the lowdown zak, when am i at the most rapage, when i have a stone in the back? a slab in the back? when should I be careful? when i have a shitty brick?

usually, when i am playing vs a chun or ken, i am just like pausing to parry bait anything so you can combo them afterwards, and i only do uoh’s far away because good people know that you can mash throw after a close uoh

when am i safe to uoh point blank thoguh? what stone set do i have to have? am i ever safe to uoh point blank?

The brick and the dinosaur are both as bad as each other. The blue robot thing is ok.

But the best ones are the big boulder and the big grey slab. Note how they travel to their target much slower than the other 3, but will still combo. They also give more frame advantage on block/hit, so this leaves EVEN more time to combo afterwards. I’ve got a feeling the big grey slab is actually better than the big boulder though because of its hitbox.

Anyone notice how you simply cant get the big grey slab when activating EX tengu? Weird…