How many alternative versions of M. Bison exist? True, Final, II ...?


I checked some websites and there are references to different versions of M. Bison. In addition to its “normal” version, and the “Final Bison” Street Fighter Alpha 3, also read about “Bison II” Street Fighter EX 2 and “True Bison” Street Fighter EX 3. On these last two, which they differ? What differs from the “Final Bison” of SFA3?


You’ve never played sfa3? Final m.bisons psycho crusher super is full screen and does a shit ton of damage on hit and chip. The playable m.bison in sfa3 does a energy ball instead of a psycho crushed. There are a lot of versions of m.bison since he was a boss in many games.


The Alpha 3 version I know yes. I wonder about the other two versions, SF EX 2 and SF EX3, and they have different profiles to have the part in several sites.


Bison II was a suped up uplayable version of Bison that you fought at the end of EX2 if the conditions were met.

True Bison was the EX3 version of Bison II. He was slightly bigger and had a bunch of new moves. He’s only playable in 1P Mode by getting all Gold medals or by clearing 1P Mode with normal Bison 10 times I believe.


Which Bison appears in the Vs Series?

Bipson perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:


In CVS2 the ST version of Bison is it it


Best alternate form of M.Bison is in SvC Chaos, that is actually Heavy D.


Shin Bison

True Bison (SF EX 2)

Bison II (SF EX 3)


ex bison cvs1

has boxers dashpunch @1:22 @1:43


I think that’s regular Bison…

EX Bison had the Psycho Crusher instead of dash punch.


I will never look as SvC the same again.




Balrog/Heavy D



In my version of EX3, he was simply Bison II. Let’s not forget many of the bodies he may have used thus they end up being future possibilities. I wonder why he has such a fetish for Nazi fashionista…