How many button holes for a SF4 stick?

thinking about making myself a stick to work with SF4 on the 360 and/or ps3 (i have both).

Just wondered how many button holes are needed? I guess it’s 6 or 8 player buttons but then what?


6-8 30mm for face buttons
3 24mm holes for start, guide, back buttons
24mm hole for the stick

I’d drill about 70, just to be safe. :rofl:

No, seriously, 9 to 11 for the various buttons and one for the stick should do nicely.

For the bare minimum your gonna need 9 button holes (6 for punchs and kicks, start, select/back, home/guide).

You can bump that up to 11 if you want to connect the trigger buttons too.

The punch and kick buttons will more than likely be 30mm but the start/select/home buttons can be 24mm, 20mm or 18mm depending on what you prefer (check for the different flavors).