How many Canadians are there in fighting games?


The only ones that really come to mind are Maxima (A canadian robot in KOF [wtf]), Wolverine, and Sabretooth. Can anyone think of anyone else?

List so far:

Maxima (from KOF)
Wolf (from Virtua Fighter, submitted by aku*)


The only other Canadian in fighting games that I can think of is Wolf from Virtua Fighter…


Wolf is from Virtua Fighter. Not Tekken.


My bad, half asleep >.<


Raven from Tekken is from Canada for some reason…


There are eight



Can you fight in hockey games?

If so, then theres probably a lot.


blades of steel blades of steel


Bear Hugger from the Punch Out!! series.

Totally Canadian. Aye?


I’d die laughing if there was a mini-game in a hockey game where it’s just straight up fighting on ice with all your hockey equipment on.