How many characters can combo their Super and Ultras in one move?


As I originally posted in Steam I was wondering how many characters can utilize their Super combo into Ultra combo. The discussion there wasn’t very helpful so I thought I would drop the question here too.

I know :-
Ryu can Light Punch DP cancel into Super and Ultra 1
Guile can Super into Ultra 1
Ken can DP cancel into Super and Ultra 1 (in the corner only) non-animation Ultra by the way.
Gen as made popular by Xian can do hands into Super and Ultra 1 (mantis style)

Any other characters can do that?

p.s. I want super combo as in all 4 ex bars into ultra. No regular ex moves into ultra. Someone at the steam forums got confused but that’s alright. Let me know. Thanks! First post by the way.


Yun, Yang, Sagat, Makoto on top of my head, not sure about sagat


Really? :3 can you give some examples like using U1 or U2. Etc…


Some discussions at steam have added :-
Rose can do HSpiral Super, U2, The orbs will hit if the opponent is in the corner.

And Ibuki can do this :open_mouth:


Decapre can (spaced ultra 1 into super) Ryu can, Ken can, Ibuki can, Makoto can (hayate super ultra 1) Gen can, Dan can (legendary taunt ultra, or a specific combo on T.Hawk, landin a Ultra 2 post super) Yun and Yang can (wethever super ultra 1 for both) Juri can (ultra 1into super) Dalshim can (ultra 1 into super) Sagat can (wethever super ultra 2 or ultra 1 on corner) Dee jay can (super xx Ultra 1) Guy can (anti air super hitting only the 2 first hits and then ultra 1) Rolento can (watch Doopliss new challengers CMV ) Guile can, Blanka theorically can (watch Maj’s Blanka tas CMV) Vega can (watch my EVO leftovers CMV) Barlog can (watch Maj’s Barlog tas CMV or my 3rd CMV for example), Fei long kind of,he has to trade so I guess it doesn’t really counts (if so Dudley and Rufus and some others would too) Adon can (last super hit counter hit, ultra 1 or 2, I know Desk did it on some CMV) Rose can and Hugo can (watch…I dunno almost any Hugo CMV)


Sagat can super into ultra 2 anywhere on screen


I meant his Ultra 1, wich can be comboed outside the corner too but it’s character specific and sometimes you don’t even get the animation


Ken can do cs.HK xx MP SRK xx MP Super > Ultra works everywhere this is new to USF4


blanka isn’t really theoretical, hitting the juggle in the corner is super easy, it just does less damage than completing the super so it’s stupid and pointless like most of the stuff he can do.



I *think *Hugo can do U2 off of his super. I’ve been trying but the timing is really tight. I’m pretty sure I saw Desk do it in a vid…


He can, just character specific and it feels like a 1-2F link.


DeeJay can straight up cancel his Super into Ultra 1, that was almost a big one when it was first announced.

Of course it wasn’t, but… still 600 damage.


It’s not just the corner, you just need to land the xx spiral a little deeper than optimal spacing.


Gouken can the other way around… Ultra2 wall bounce in Super, e.g. punish ultra2 - mp rush punch x Super.

Respectable dmg particularly if U2 was charged…


Characters that can use both their super and an ultra in the same combo without trades:
Adon (last hit of super hitting grounded)
Balrog (U1 to super or U2 stunning into Super)
Blanka (U1 to super, super to Ground U2)
Dan (Super to U2 on T.Hawk)
Dudley (U1 to super during the right conditions)
Guy (I think he can get 1-hit super into U1)
Juri (using Super during U1)
Makoto (Using U1/U2 during Super)
Yun (Ultra during Super or U1 to super activation)
Yang (Ultra during Super)


Poison can super > U1 if you antiair with the end of the super.


Ah, good point. I’ll add her to the list.