How many characters should I learn to play?


Title basically says it all. I currently know only Karin and that’s it. I want to learn other characters but I’m not sure how many or which ones. I like so many characters but obviously I can’t learn them all.


Rule of thumb, 2. A main that you like. And a character that can cover their bad match ups.


Fwiw, I spent about 2 days learning each character. Familiarising myself with their normals and combos, a general gameplan on how I would win with the char, and then some online matches to get comfortable playing them and confirming my theories.

After that I settled on like 3 chars that I liked. Before finally focusing on learning just the one (with a side char later down the line).

Edit: That’s 2 days per character.


It depends on the complexity of the game, your currently skill level, the character’s matchups, and your goals.

If the game is reasonably complex, you’re a sub-intermediate player, the character doesn’t have a bunch of bad matchups, and you’re trying to git gud, stick to one character. In the long run you’ll end up learning more by trying to really master one character than half-assing two.


Depends on you. Keep in mind that using more character means that it will be harder to become decent with them and using only one means that you will suffer with bad matchups. 2 is a decent number, but it’s all up to you.


If you only play online it’s useless to learn one for the bad matchups anyways since you can’t see what the guys facing you is playing before you select it. If you play tournaments then yes.

I would say learn one as much as you can but play a bit of every character to know what’s up with them.


Not if he does Battle Lounges


I tend to play only one character in fighting games. 3rd strike is an exception because I played that game for about 3 years straight non stop. I always end up picking fast and/or small characters. In 3rd strike I mained Ibuki, in KOF98 I used Orochi Chris on my teams a lot.

I find just learning one character to be taxing enough. I take the good with the bad. For example I play Vega, and it took me a long time to get used to having claw on and clawless mode. I also have shitty anti-airs and lack a reversal. I could main someone like Ryu who has great anti-airs and an awesome reversal with invincibility as well as high damage combos. But I like characters that are fast and do high damage, and Vega fits that criteria. I like that I can switch between two different modes too. I actually always wanted to play Vega since SFII but couldn’t because I sucked ass with charge characters.

You could learn another character to cover bad matchups, but you’re going to have to learn to deal with them any way. I played Ibuki in 3S so I had tons of bad matchups that I had to deal with. Chun-Li, Ken, Yun and Yang, Oro, Makoto. Then there were even matches that felt like pure hell. Such as Akuma and Elena.

Also, what kind of characters do you like to play as? Playing Karin it seems that you enjoy Offensive characters.


Well I guess if you’re super serious about battle lounges yes. I think it’s fine to deal with bad match-ups for your character in battle lounges.


Having only to play your primary and secondary characters in fighting games may get rather tiresome at times, so to make things a bit more interesting, you can try your hand at various of characters instead. This will help you as a player gain a much better understanding of the character and how things work with them as well (especially with match-ups that you may find difficult to go up against).


I really like Karin and Vega, I’m in the same boat as you as in I always wanted to play Vega but I suck ass at charge characters


As many as you want. This game makes it pretty easy to learn characters so with enough time and practice you could learn a bunch.


You don’t have to become an expert with every character, but playing a lot of characters will help you learn their ranges and what/when to punish so your game with your main will actually improve. Knowledge is such a key in fighters. A lot more than execution. Especially in sfv




The way this game’s made, you could have a main and everybody else being sub characters.


I think its helpful to play other characters other than your main for two main reasons, #1if you are having trouble beating that character. Play a character you have trouble beating and see how other people beat it. #2 when you are feeling overwhelmed its a nice break to mess with something new. Also if you enter tournaments I notice that the players who only have one character tend to not win as much as the player who can pull outa pocket character to exploite a bad match up