How many copies did SFAC sell?

How many copies did the XBOX SFAC sell?

We need to get togeather and push Capcom to make the 360 patch so it works with the XBOX 360 come launch.:clap:

ME is complete garbage i would rather have win98b then that ME garbage the was the worst OS ever.

No shit. That’s what I had to deal with everyday. I just recently got a new computer.

now that’s what you call a happy microsoft customer :clap:

Halo >>> Halo 2.

I kinda doubt they would do that. 2d gaming is a very niche market. I think total sales figures of SFAC across PS2 and Xbox might be OK, however they would be a very, very small fraction compared to the mainstream stuff.

Not gonna happen.

I don’t anticipate retiring my original Xbox anytime soon.

With Microsoft’s huge ass consoles, in a couple of generations I’ll have an Xbox stack the size of a regrigerator.

  1. That doesnt answer anything

  2. That still doesnt answer anything

  3. Money hungry? they lost 4 billion dollars on the XBOX console all together after all of the marketing/promotions. And they expected to do those figures since they were a new console entering the gaming industry.

  4. Most games released after halo 2 will be playable on xbox 360.

  5. dont ever post dumb shit again please.

the fact that microsoft is using emulation for backwards compatibility is garbage. even if such and such game was playable, you can bet your ass it wont be perfect. emulation never is. innaccurate sounds, spotty fps, etc… good job microsoft. ps3 for the win in that department, atleast they are smart enough to continue using hardware for backwards compatibility so the games are perfect…

What are you like Bill Gates’ bitch or something I mean have you actually seen the OS Millenium Edition in action. That should be enough to shut you the fuck up right away. :lame: How the hell do you know that most games after Halo 2 will run. Did you give Bill Gates sexual favors or something. I have an opinion against microsoft and thats my problem not yours asshole.

^^ I agree…microsoft have a monopoly and that’s not good for people (other than for Bill Gates and his chums)…

wasting $4bn (??)…that’s just the sort of arrogance that comes out of a company earning extortionate money (from their monopoly position), had they been someone else they may well have been busted by now

oh well, that’s my gripe over with

p.s. to give them a little credit, it’s good that they have provided sony with a little competition (albeit at a great cost!)

I think we should probably just wait and see the final product before making any anti-Microsoft judgements. After all, PS 2 does not play all PS games perfectly, and some not at all, so I wouldn’t call their backwards compatibility plans flawless.

Really? Which games?

iver never had a psONE game not work on my ps2 ever. the only problem you will ever experience is that there are some games that just dont work on fast disc read option. sotn is the only game that ever comes to mind. but you put it on standard read, and its fine. realize the ps2, and the ps3, have the actual hardware embedded into the console for accurate playback. emulation will not do this faithfully with the 360. either way, this belongs in fgd. this isnt live related.


The only game I’ve ever found to not work perfectly is Mortal Kombat Trilogy. When you get to Shao Kahn’s Treasures at the end, no matter which one you choose the game just crashes.

It is playable, but that isn’t exactly perfect.

Still that’s the only example I’ve found out of 50 or so games I’ve played.

so how many copies did they fucking sell already

my friend bought 1 so that is at least 1 copy


You people do know that if SF AE works with the 360 hard drive, you can still play it online right? the xbox live feature is still the same, if your on 360, and playing halo 2 for example, you can play xbox 1 people, and vica versa, same with invites and downloads and updates and such. so…if SF Ae is one of those games that works with the backwards compatable hard drive, then boom, go online with 360 and pop in SF AE and there you go.

Do you know why it has to be on emulation?

Nope, if you did, you wouldnt be making an ass out of yourself by saying some really dumb shit like that in a forum.

Dear retard;

360 = smaller than a PS2.