How many DLC characters can we still expect?

After Jill and Shuma-gorath, how many can we still expect IF any? those last 2 slots, are those the last ones? or will there actually be added more slots?

i hope atleast 8 more.

6 more…


I think we can reasonably expect two more: Frank West and Doctor Octopus.

From what I remember of the hacking summaries done a few weeks back, the roster screen has code for them already, just dummied out since there’s nothing to call into the game’s memory if you pick them. That said, it has been confirmed that they were working on at least Frank at some point and ran out of time to finish him up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom decides to go ahead and complete Frank and/or Doc Ock, release, and call things done. If we get any more DLC beyond those two, I will be pleasantly surprised.

hopefully a lot more!

Not more than 6 after this.

I’m guessing 2-4 more. Probably 2 requested ones, 1 the staffers want, and 1 for weeaboo fap material.

Frank was pulled out because of fears of zombie lag online, not for lack of time. Maybe they’ll find a way to streamline things to make it work, who knows.
Talbain was on deck to get in the main roster, I’m hoping he makes the DLC cut.

You’ll probably just get more costume dlc, not that it matters but Capcom either requires hype or something else that it’s clearly trying to push those two characters so you would get them, just scroll up.

Doc Oc, Frank West, then a ton of custom packs.

I wouldn’t expect any more than two to be honest. If you think of expanding the select screen in terms of symetry, it’s not really feasable to add in any less then ten more, which, at least imo, is an unrealistic number of characters to be expecting. I honestly think the next two and then that’s our wack for DLC characters…

I have trouble believing this. Frank’s TvC design can’t put any more persistent spam on the screen that would induce lag than other characters.

Dormammu can get a flame carpet, black hole or purification tower, and his pursuing fireball on-screen, game works fine. Assist in there too.

Still works fine even if Trish is likewise laying down her trap runes, while flying (another visual effect, albeit a very slight one), calling an assist, and tossing out either of her supers.

Frank can put one zombie or cart-riding-zombie on-screen at a time, plus his Real Megabuster (edit: and an assist too, right). Simply put, I do not believe Capcom’s excuse for this, because there are things that work very, very similarly in the game already. There was probably a legitimate reason they ran out of time to complete Frank, but “zombie lag” despite what they claim doesn’t seem plausible to me.

2 more

then a bunch of costume packs so people can play pretend

I just thought of a good choice for DLC… Gill from 3S. He’d fit right in, his Resurrection would be like Phoenix, ad his Angel of Death super would be his level 3.

TvC is low res on the Wii, MvC3 is running at 720p, lot more going on there. Zombie summons is basically calling another body onto the screen, not just some flashing effects.

I’m hoping that Capcom will have an additional screen (maybe the globe will rotate visually?) to select more characters.

If Capcom wants this to be a game for the next 10 years, it’s gotta have more than 2 additional characters.

except it really isn’t. As someone who has experience, unless capcom is doing something really strange with these zombies (which since I do not work for them I can not tell) I can tell you there is no difference at all from having a character call in a walking fireball (aka zombie) or shooting a fire ball. Tron basically has one that isn’t hittable running around with her the entire time.

None until spectator mode is implemented.


DLC characters are probably going to be way more profitable to Capcom than costume packs. It probably costs way more to make, but it’ll sell more. I wish they make only one costume pack for each character.

Someone already mentioned on the DLC discussion thread way back that the most profitable strategy could be the release of a retail version, DLC exclusive characters and another retail version. DLC character prices just keep adding up - it’s the reason I won’t buy Blazblue, for example, as the game is already old and if I want the entire experience I’ll have to cash out more than half the price of a new title. If Capcom goes for 8 to 10 characters, in 6 months people who buy this game will have to cash pretty much the price of a new title to get the entire experience - but for a 6 months old title.

That’s why I only believe in 2 - 4 more (they can get rid of the random button, make it a shoulder button or something). They can later make a new disc, keep the DLC content as DLC exclusive, add some characters, add some stages, and if they fix all the stuff that’s wrong (framerate drops in PS3 are terrible), I’ll be glad to buy it.