How many dvds are there

I was just wondering how many movies/episodes there are. I already have sf2 movie, alpha movie,alpha generations, and sf11v dvds 1-4. i would greatly appreciate a list of all the sf animes. thanks in advance

You already have all the SF animes out there, except for a half-hour educational special called Street Fighter II Yomigaeru Togenkyo, only available as a Japanese VHS tape or Region 2 DVD thus far. This was going to be the first episode of a SF TV series before it was replaced by SF2V.

There’s one thing you don’t have…THE CARTOON SERIES! WOOOOOOOO…it’s actually good if you have a sense of liking into the Live Action bad adaptation.

Hey, where can Iget the Region 2 DVD? I’d like to get it

alright thanks alot i had a feeling that was it but just had to check.

You have this?

It’s sold out! X_X and the Half Hour special too…I wanna get that

Someone actually bought Alpha Generations?


My buddy is the other one:D

i know everyone says alpha generations is bad but atleast you can get it

its been out here for months now and its still fucking impossible to find in the shops.