How many fighters do you play at a given time?

Usually play a bunch of fighting games at anytime. Maybe only a 4-5 of them seriously at anytime.

At the moment i’m only playing SF4. Slow couple of months…

I tend to play a lot of different games but for the most part I tend to practice more on Garou MOTW. I sometimes do some MvC2 practice mode just to get my fingers warmed up for stuff that requires quick execution. Besides all that I play some SF4 whenever I get the urge to play it or even 3S everyone now and then. I’m also getting into the new Blazblue game but I’m waiting for the console release to really get some practice on it. For now I just practice whenever I don’t have a ton of work to do from school.

Currently: SF4, sadly.
Learning: MB, CvS2
Not practicing but still willing to play tournaments: BB

Tekken 6
Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl (inb4 witty ignorant comments.)
Third Strike

A whole handful of fighters.

Only tourney game I play atm is MBAA, but it used to be ST and CvS2 when they were in tourneys. I also play KoF98 a lot on ggpo.

I play a several fighters seriously but my main focus at the moment is ST.

I also play KOF’98 a lot. And since there are a few really good players in my country, I play Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 1 and 2 and Karnov’s revenge regularly too.

i only play like t6 and kof 2k right now.

I’m playing GG and MB mostly right now… Haven’t had time to get out and try BBCS, yet, so just those 2 mostly, though, I haven’t played anything at all the past week or so.

Couple, right now it’s marvel and st for me. Little bit of SF4.

I love to play Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Still have a lot to learn about the game. I wish I had a PS1/2 stick so I could play Alpha 3;3rd Strike;CvS2 I miss those games and don’t want to play on pad =( plus I’m a complete noob to modding beside the SF4 SE

At one point I was playing everything there was, literally almost every fighter I was playing.

Now I don’t really play much. I’m getting into T6 and I play a little HDR. I prefer ST I can’t get used to HDR. I still prefer the old school games. My main game was for the longest time and still is ST, but ST is dead now :frowning:

I dropped SF4 when I went without an arcade stick for 4 months, I got a new one but SF4 lost its flavor for me. BB I simply never got into and same goes for TvC. I don’t know what it is but for me the older games is where it’s at.


Only recently i’ve taken sfiv and gg seriously. I’ve sold my copy of BB and just waiting for CS to come out. Other then those 3 games, i’m usually off doing something else.

All of them.

I’m proud to see that this isn’t two pages of “I main blah blah blah in Shit Fightah Fo.” Good shit SRK forums!

At the moment, just GGAC. Though I am looking to get into Tekken 6 due to it offering the current best mix of quality and popularity… and I’d like to play at least one mainstream game. I’m also interested in getting into 3rd Strike for fun and maybe marvel and ST purely for pragmatic reasons.

I just play SFIV, 3s, HDR, BlazBlue and T6. I can only concentrate on one at a time though and play the others casually. Learning all of them at once screws up my game!

i fucking love you :blush:

Seriously: UMK3, MKT and SF4.

Generally, I only really play SF4 any more, but I really like messing around in training mode with Marvel. I’m nowhere near good enough to even bother playing online (I only got into the game with the XBLA version), but messing around and coming up with crazy looking combos and neat team mixes and things in training is fun.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Right now I’m focusing on Tekken 6, HDremix, and SF4. I play most fighting games though. My favorite is Last Blade 2.