How many fighters you plan on picking up in SFV? Who and why?

Despite two more mysterious character slots, I think it’s safe to say a lot of folks have made up their minds as to who their planning on playing with once this iteration drops next year.
So I’m curious, who is everybody planning on playing with? How many? Who you gonna main?

For me, it’s around 5 or 6 fighters:

Laura-(Reminds me of Elena, my fav and main from 3S)
Cammy-(Old main from SSF4, still kept her throughout AE and Ultra, except now with Mix-ups out the ass. Gotta love her)
Ken-(His gameplay looks like a supremo hybrid between Oni and Cammy, so I’m lovin’ it)
R. Mika-(It’s time I pick up a cool grappler for once, she looks extremely fun)
Rashid-(Also looks extremely fun to use, plus I love this dude’s aesthetic)

and maybe Necalli. It’s a huge ass maybe. I main Oni in Ultra so I was hoping to main someone close to him in SFV, but can’t stand charge motions.

Chun cuz she reminds me of her 3S version. Karin on the side cuz I like command dash cancel stuff. Thats it for now.

Gouki - Favorite SF character (main)
Dictator - 2nd favorite SF character and Psycho Power will finally be a force to be reckoned with in SFV (2nd main)
Ken - 3rd favorite and I love everything about his redesign from his gameplay, to his hair (not how it looks like play-do tho), and his new duds. (alt 1)
Laura - BJJ, and she’s a bae. First command grab character I will have ever used (alt 2)

Chun-Li - Dunno why really, maybe its because kicks isn’t a piano move anymore, maybe it’s because she’s a very fundamental character, or maybe it’s dem thunder thighs. It’s probably the thunder thighs (side joint)
Cammy - Hated her in 4, but I’m gonna learn and play her a bit in V though because… dat ass. (side joint)
Necalli - I like his command grab. (side joint)

Gonna pick gief as a main. Probably dabble with mika, birdie, and necalli

Karin and Laura are all that matter. Karin cus I’ve always liked her, even though she’s way different now. Laura cus wats good ma, and she looks fun to play.

Karin looks like she’ll be the sort of character I tend to enjoy. I also played Rashid for a bit in the pre-Karin build, and he was by far the character I had the most fun with, so he’s also someone I’ll be looking into. Those two are by far the characters I’m the most likely to pick up.

This might change if fireballs suddenly become less terrible, though.

I’ll learn every character to a certain degree, then decide who has the least terrible matchups and make him/her my main.
I want to be good at the game and actually play Street Fighter instead of a character.

Is he as annoying as Fuerte?

Can’t just play one character (considering the nature of my most favorite fighting game series).
With that considered, R. Mika is THE character I intend on playing on a competitive basis and is top priority (to be completely honest, she is actually 50% of the reason I am playing SFV in the first place, believe it or not).

The characters that I will end up substituting are:
Nash = I always liked Nash in the Alpha series. Played a LOAD of A3 (in a lot of KOF98 and T5DR) throughout most of my highschool years a little before SFIV was a considered a thing. Charlie (on A-ism) was one of the few characters that played.

Cammy = Always liked this character for some reason (may have something to do with CVS2).

Rashid = Seems like a cool character as some of his win quotes imply. I also like the idea behind his game play.

Karin = … This is damn near mandatory.

Vega = In a lot of ways, Vega rewards players quite a bit for knowing “Street Fighter” according to Juiceboxabel. I also played him quite a bit in SFA3 with V-ism.

Laura = Another buxom babe to mess around with.

From my impressions of him, no. He did have a bunch of mobility gimmicks, but he also seemed like a character that actually had to play the neutral game rather than shamelessly avoid it. Feels closer to Rolento than Fuerte, for what that’s worth. Gonna have to see how he develops.

Characters i’ll 100% use:
-Chun Li

Characters i’ll have to explore (gameplay wise) first to decide:

Characters i don’t think i’ll ever use:

Interesting, may have to fuck around with him in the beta then.

I haven’t really seen a character which i truly want to play, there are some who i have my eye on though, so who knows. Also it most likely will be a LOT easier to pick up multiple characters compared to USFIV.

Chun-Li: I really anjoyed her in the Beta, great walkspeed, excellent pokes, great anti-air, legs isn’t piano anymore, has a projectile. I also enjoy her design quite a bit in SFV. She also seems to have the moveset to get pretty technical with.
Karin: She seems pretty tricky and full of shenanigans, and want to annoy people wtith her laugh.
Ken: Flashy and heavy on the rushdown, ex air tatsu gives some fun resets and combo opportunities, v-trigger extended combos and stuff. An uppercut to deal with people jumping and to throw it out when i’m sick of blocking. Ow, and a projectile too because why not.
Necalli: Seems like the brawler type and pretty straightforward and deals big damage, kinda like Cody. Also has a divekick to alter trajectory and a command grab, And no idea wtf his v-trigger does. Bit bummed about the charge moves though.
Rashid: Cool design, another tricky character, very high mobility.
Laura: Electricity and boobs. For real, she seems pretty interesting, command grabs, command dash with different followups, ex moves with armour which are command grabs? Projectile to do some tricky setups? She seems fun and has a cool design.

With execution being on the simpler side this time around, i definitely see myself using multiple characters in SFV.

I’m gonna try out Mika, Karin, and Nash,

Highly likely to use Ken and Chun.

Wont buy the game at all until Juri is in though shrug

Aside from those characters nothing else really gets me. Rashid is cool to look at but doesnt seem like he would be my jam. Never liked Cammy. Not a huge fan of grapplers so no zangief, and Birdie is off the table because they gave him that disgusting fucking Rufus gut.

Surprisingly for me, I’m thinking of going Chun. Really good buttons/walkspeed and she’s really simple to use. Not a lot of crazy hard combos with her, she’s got like two BnB. Until you pop VT, then things get real interesting with her.

Aside from her probably Ryu. Denjin shenanigans are pretty fun and homie hits like a fucking truck.

Wow, I just realized what a basic bitch I am. I’m most interested in maining the icons of the franchise. But they look so fuuun. =)

That’s what I like about SFV. Even the staple characters look fun to play. I couldn’t touch any of the SF2 cast in IV. They weren’t adventurous enough. Just felt like playing the same old characters in a new system.

gief birdie and mika i got alot of grappler choices this time

As long as the meta doesn’t become “OS my OS of an OS” then I will be doing the same. If that’s what ends up happening, and unless I become the Kuroda/Infil of SFV, then I’ll just stick with 2 maybe 3 chars throughout.

Oh God no, please no