How many fighting games can you play?

Some people can just play so many different fighting games it’s scary. I just don’t know how people learned so many. For me, I can only play CVS2 and SVC (though i don’t really count that nor care about that). So that’s basically one game. 3S i just started and MVC2 is way too fast for me. Those are the ones i’ve played. Some ppl play these three and then some (like A3, Tekken 5, Guilty Gear etc)

I play CVS2, SVC, KOF, T5, 3rd Strike, DBZ3, GGXX#R, LB2, Samurai Shodown, PIM, ROTD, MVC2, XVSF, Alpha 3, HSF2 AE, SC2. Thats about all I can think about at the moment.

I can play:

Every Capcom fighter but Cyberbots and mvc2

Every SNK fighter except Aggressors of Dark Kombat

All Namco’s stuff, no exceptions

All Mortal Kombats but the lame full 3d versions.

Every other fighter but lame shit like Time Killers, Primal Rage, Bloodstorm, Zero Divide, and Tattoo Assasins.

I play Tekken 5, VF Evo, asd 3rd Strike. It’s hard for me to juggle them all but I manage.

I play MVC2, #R, and SC2 decently well. I also play 3S, Tekken 5, and CVS2, but I’m not really great at any of them. I’ve been spending some time working on 3S, but I don’t play too much CVS2 anymore.

wow you guys must have played from the very beginning in order to play that much. Being 16 doesn’t help much either i guess since i’m late for every game.

I play mostly anything everyone else plays save for MvC2.
usually for multiple series I only stick to a couple versions

#R, KoF 98 - Neowave, Garou, Last Blade 2, CvS, CvS2, 3s, ST, A2, A3, The Rumblefish, SS2, RotD, Tekken 3 and 5, Kizuna Encounter, Waku Waku 7 and Daraku Tenshi

Just apply the same general principles to each and work around the differences as you see fit. Its all about having fun, too. Different companies tend to have different playstyles - Capcom, SNK, most 3d games… just be resourceful and it all is pretty easy to pick up. Start by learning and understanding how the character works, the principality of how its used to win. Then worry about combos and such.

I play a bunch, but its not like I am very skilled in any of them or anything…

Edit : I’m only 21… started playing around that age. Was good at adapting to a lot of differnet videogames since I played a ton. Maybe you grew up differently, but eh. Whatever.

3s and I even suck at that :xeye:

i can play 3s decently with most characters, and i have an okay potemkin, and that’s about it.

shit, i should really play more, but unless i wanna shlep down to port authority or chinatown fair i’m never gonna get any decent comp, and i’m way too lazy :sad:

I play 3s, MvC2, T5, GGXX, and a little bit of ST and CvS2. I would say the only game I’m decent in is 3s, because my hands are too slow in MvC2, I never figured out how to do Roman Cancels in GGXX, and I don’t have a PS2 to practice T5 on. Also, a friend of mine just owns the shit out of me in CvS2 and ST, so i dont even bother to try.

I mean I don’t know how people can do RCs in CVS2, Rom infinite in MVC2 and charge partitioning in 3S. I’m just giving an example of some kind of high level technique (there are a lot more but those are the ones I chose). It’s like they’re equally good in all these games…i just don’t know how they find the time for it. I spent close to two years with CVS2 but I don’t know how long it’ll take me to master 3S. Maybe it’ll be easier now that I’m a lot better than before.

i can play 3s/mvc2/t5/sc2 on an average to high level

Almost every SF (SFII series, CvS, series, AE, CFJ, A3) game except the EX series, A1, A2.
All the Marvel vs. SF games
KI 1 and 2
Sam Sho I, II, and IV
Tekken 3 - Tekken 5
MK 1 - MK 3…I can play others, but I refuse to expose my hands to garbage
GGXX and #R (assuming that they are different games)

I know 3S and ST pretty well, and I know the basics about Tekken 5, CvS2, and HF.

I suck at 3s, but I suck worse at everything else.

I play VF4evo, 3s, T5, MotW, and #r. Sometimes it can be too much because I might get weaker on one game if I start playing another one too much.

I play and am pretty good at super turbo, svc, cvs2, kof2k2 and 98, and garou.

3S, CvS2, T5, ST are the actual games that I am good at, I can play all the other ones, just that I’m not good.

Third Strike, CFJ, and KOF are the games I play.

It depends on what you mean by ‘play’, as in, how well and at how high a level. In general, the skill sets you learn can carry over to other games except for MvC2. MvC2 is its own game genre in that you can’t really carry skills into or out of it for other games. After the fundamentals, each game usually requires a lot of practice to be truly good at. I can’t really be good at more than 3 games at any given time, because I spread myself too thin. I can be mediocre at a multitude of games at once though. Right now however I’m not really good at anything. The player base left in fighting games is a little too good, atleast for me, to skate by with just basic stuff.

The only game I can even play at all right now is 3s, since it seems to require the least execution or something. I play very very rarely now, have been like this for pretty much the past 2 years. 3s is the only game I’ve put together winstreaks on in the past 2 years. Well, I think I played #R and XX for a bit, but I was only able to beat weak players in that.

Man…I miss arcades. I really wish I could drop by a local arcade and play XvSF, 3s, A3, A2 or KOF 98 but there are no arcades anymore, and those that exist have bad controls, don’t have these games, and nobody plays anyway. All I’d really want is to play like an hour or two on a weekday, and maybe longer on weekends, but that option is gone. The only thing left is driving for like an hour to go to random gatherings on random weekends.