How many fights have you had with your main?

In the Player stats on the menu screen it tells you how many times you have used a certain character, for example, I main Bison and Blanka and have used them about 1500 times each.

I’m still learning the characters everyday and I only scratched the surface. I just want to get a feel on how many fights you have played as your main.

Over 5000 with Bison.

Over 9000.

Probably true, but I still thought of the meme.

I think I’ve had 1000+, but I haven’t had the game that long.

Way too many

Yet another crappy thread. But to answer, about 1800…I switch a lot to keep things fresh.

a gazillion, jk probably 1000.

I have 3

lol. i hope this is a baiter post.

  1. Vega ~1500
  2. Ryu ~1000
  3. Cammy ~500

I wonder how accurate these numbers are tho… In VS offline if you select rematch it won’t count as another pick, and I play alot offline. meh.

On the record about 2200, off the record over 5000.

2646 with Vega.

7000 total 5000k with just viper though

i got about 350 hours onto the game (maybe 10 or so in practice mode at the most, other than that just strictly matches vs other ppl) and have used my main and my second a total of 1500 times, and thats not including the 5 or so other characters i play ocasionally…so apart from messing around in menus and waiting for games that puts me just under around 2 hours a day every day on average…now ther are some of you guys that got around 4 times that! mathamaticly (and im not a math wizz by any means so correct me if im wrong please) some of you dudes are playing 8 or so hours a day!!! am i right?.. i would love to see pics of your guys play time and frequency of use!

my girlfriend complains i play this game too much!..if you dudes have girlfriends, whives, family ect then i feel sorry for em!

My savefile got corrupted about a month ago. Fortunately I was able to recover an earlier version from a backup I had on my GF’s memory unit. However, the backup was about a month old so I lost a month’s worth of data, so my stats aren’t accurate anymore. Meh.

Chun-Li: 645
Dhalsim: 582
E. Honda: 408
Ryu: 327

I’m pretty sure Sim would be higher than Chun by now had I not lost my save file, since I play him almost exclusivey at this point.

Rose: 700+
Dictator: 666

less than 2,000


1500 Ken 85%
40 Akuma

All the character equally. I want to keep thing balanced like Monk.

Sakura ~ 4,000
Chun Li ~ 500