How many frames for backdash?

Looking to land close st HK after crossup lk however if they block, I’m at -3… trying to do some math here to see if backdash is a safe way to get out

Close st HK after a crossup lk?.. no charge, long startup, no combo followup, no interesting properties, no hit-confirming, no tick-throw guessing, poor frame advantage… Backdash to get out? For Guile or the opponent? What are they even getting out of?

I’m sorry but why would you even consider doing this :confused:

Dash Frame data for SSF4 -
(I don’t think a whole lot has changed)

… I don’t want to sound like a downer but I don’t think random thoughts on various possibilities each deserve their own thread.

yeah you need to stop making all of these random threads

@aghama yes its a long startup but it links to a crossup lk easily so that doesnt matter. No 1 frame links to worry about and a guaranteed 160 damage without even trying (160 i just checked, 20 more than a HK Flashkick i might add). The backdash was an option in case they block. A focus attack after nailing it is also a good option cause they usually try to punish on recovery.

Edit: you obviously never use this but you’ll be surprised how many times you’ll land a standing HP right after landing the close standing HK. Unless you’re fighting a DP masher, it has a high percentage of doing some damage. Just as you would never use nor expect it, neither does anyone else because its something no one sees regularly. You gotta be smart about it and of course you would never use it twice in a match but different is good.

Sorry guys. I have a very unorthodox guile and try to think of different options so i guess it sounds kinda crazy when i come up with different ideas. Anyway, i’ll cool off with the random threads and ideas. Sorry again guys.

it’s fine to have thoughts and ideas, just try to keep them in existing threads

Actually, I can see what OnlineGarbage is going for here. I do have to admit though, cross up > UDK is a viable option as it blows up crouch techs and lows which quite a few people go for. I tried this at NextLevel earlier tonight on a Ryu player and scored a heavy CH on his crouch tech attempt. Otherwise, don’t use it often as you’ll get reversalled pretty easily once your opponent catches on.