How many frames to hit confirm?

Does anyone know how many frames you get from the time your opponent enters hit animation until the final frame you can successfully input a SA2 with Chun Li? Let’s assume you hit them with a low forward.


Why aren’t you asking this in the Chun sub forum?

Because I assume more people actually read general strategy.

^ you’re right, more people do read the general strategy but they’re all going to most likely tell you to goto the chun sub-forum.

More people read General Discussion. Why not post it there? Keep things organized. If people just post whatever they want, where ever they want, it becomes a pain to find the information you’re looking for. More good Chun players will read your topic in the Chun sub forum.

Honestly, I don’t think there is frame data to prove hit confirms. If there is, please someone prove me wrong. (w/ frame data)

BK posted some numbers a while back. IIRC the longest cancel windows were Chun’s c.MK, Alex’s close MK, Necro’s b+MK (surprising) and some other stuff I forget. I think Chun’s was around 15 or 16 frames or some other busted number. BK is bound to show up here with the answer eventually.

According to Gamest, 18 frames.