How many GP (grade points) should you have online before going to play at an arcade?

So basically how good should you be at home before your good enough to go play people at arcades and win? Or how many battle points would Justin, Valle, Gootecks, and them have compared to ps3 and xbox. Im sure these guys dont play all that much at home so they wouldnt have that many battle points.

Just go play right now. Training up before you go is a waste of time.

why is it a waste of time?

Online rankings are pretty much meaningless.

Just head down and start playing.

Yeah not only do those rankings not really represent your skill, but people generally improve much much faster when playing people in person. Your goal going to an arcade shouldn’t be to get a few wins, it should be to learn and become better.

Generally the fewer battle points you have, the better you’ll do offline.

Since you’re in California, you have an opportunity that most people would not have: local arcades with good competition. Abuse that for all it’s worth man. >.>

Training in person against real competition is also better for your timing; on the internet you’ve got to deal with lag and such, so if you train up on the internet and then go to the arcade, you’ll be all like, ‘Why isn’t my link combo working right!?’ and shit. When you fight real people not only do you get better quicker, you can exchange strats, discuss the game, and travel to major tourneys in other towns together, which all also result in getting better.

yeah i guess that makes sense, but i still dont get why your gp doesnt represent your skill. Maybe if you divide it by the amount of time you have been playing? I would understand if it didnt represent you skill completely due to lag issues, but a person in SG would definitely do better than a G2 player at an arcade i would think.

u should just go play now…the amount of gp u have doesn’t mean anything …when playing online people use cheap tactics taking advantage of the connection …which is most likley really bad if ur on ps3 like me…the only reason i really did championship mode was so i can get to g1 where there is a less chance of running into some1 whos spaming srk…

im was g3

and i did fairly well when i took the game serious.

and im still in g3

and i do ok at my local arcade

you are wasting to much time playing on console, you live in socal. were the best play. and you rather play at home instead of denjin?
(local sf4 hot spot for u)

you could have been better then any of those ppl you mentioned if you spent half the time you did at home mashing online at the arcade

Hey man, i am still in G2 and while i am no pro i bet i am still better than some guys at SG…just play.

online is completely irrelevant; I’m pretty lowly at this, I can just about beat someone mashing dp, but that’s about it. Played arcade SF4 3 times since finding my local place; got hammered 6-0 once, won a few, lost a few the other two times. It just depends on what kind of competition is around when you go. It’s immeasurably better than online in terms of atmosphere and learning potential. There’s no feeling quite like hearing the guy watching you go “yes!” when you beat the guy that just beat him^_^

Arcade players don’t care about GP, when you show up at the arcade NO ONE is going to ask you what your GP is. They are just going to play you and if you lose you can’t beat them and if you win you can. GP is a made up concept that you can raise by playing against anyone. Building up to a certain level of GP before you go out to an arcade especially a good one in socal is just going to give you a false sense of how good you are.
Any good player watching you will probably be able to accurately guage your skills within a few games. GP is irrevelvant.

Last tournament I entered, some dude told me he was in SG before the tournament started.

He got 13th. I got 5th.

I don’t have a console.

Actually maybe explaining it the opposite way would be better.
If you go into an arcade and anyone asks you about your GP, feel free to assume they are terrible until they prove otherwise. Also whatever you do don’t go into the arcade asking other people what their GP is if you don’t want to be the guy i was talking about in the first sentence.

Just go to the arcade man. GP means shit for the following reasons, but not to say there aren’t more

  1. Lag
  2. Good players don’t play online
  3. People can stat pad

I have 2000GP, I could rock most of the SG guys I’m sure of it… Online means nothing aside from the fact you were too lazy that evening to go to the arcade.

What makes you think that? The point system used in Championship Mode is far from being an objective criteria of how good someone is. It just shows they play a lot, which on its own is meaningless.

You’re only as good as your competition, and most people with a lot of GP usually have 3-4 tricks based on obvious patterns that work great online and never bother to learn anything else. Offline, that’s not gonna work all that well, though.

Suffice to say, you won’t get better competition anywhere else than in the arcades. Trust me, if arcades still existed around here, I’d be there Day 1, even if it meant losing every single match I played.


GP is meaningless. Ive won and lost so many matches due to lag, and have had so many players quit on me when the game’s not going their way it’s not even funny. Lag’s not in the way in the arcade, and anyone that rages on you, will be berated and dealt with quickly. Everyone that goes out there is there to play, and to get better and in the right situation, perhaps even teach you.