How many GP (grade points) should you have online before going to play at an arcade?

Lol @ this thread.

Damn if I had access to an arcade with SFIV I’d never play on the console.

I play at arcades and I have 0 GP. I’m doing fine actually. Plus it’s nice when you get a chance to fight against the best in the country.

GPs are pretty worthless. I’ve lost plenty of matches due to lag / dropped input.

I’m at about 5000 GP but I don’t think I’m any good :wink:

GP is fun, nothing more. Online can be ok… if you play with people that want to get better. Like… if you ask someone on here if they wanna spar, chances are you can learn something (providing you have a decent connection to them). Just don’t go on championship mode and hope you will find good opponents (I rarely see any)

If you have access to an arcade fuck the online. Seriously. Online is good for learning general matchups and strategy, but it is very very bad for learning combo execution and proper punishments. Offline FTW.

I wish I had an arcade here. WTF. Best I can get is sessions with friends so it’s virtually nothing new. So we have to play Online and GP “means” “something.” As in we ask each other how far we progressed. It really doesn’t mean shit. To get any sort of enjoyable Competition, I’m reduced to weeding out Connection ratings in Championship Mode. And even then I run into the lamest players. The ones you can learn something from are few and far between. You have Arcade Access and asking such a question makes me want to Rage Quit.

This is very true. If i Had one near me i would never be out of it

  • If you have no access to an arcade your best bet still isn’t plowing through randoms in championship mode. Check the forums for your character and find other people who play them and see if you can get some matches in with them.
  • Use the matchmaking forums and see if you can find other people in your area.
  • Check around SRK in general for people of your skill level and friend them on XBL or PSN and get some games in.
  • Find someone in the forums for the character you do the worst against and friend them and get some games in.
  • Get a microphone and use it.

All of these would be far better uses of your time than just playing whoever you randomly get put up against online.

Online is full of people who will jump-in roundhouse -> sweep all day no matter how many times you block and punish it. There are some good players, but GP doesn’t represent skill very well at all. I’ve perfected people with 5 times the GP I have because they played exactly like when they started with the game.

I also think that online play gives you a lot of bad habits that will get you destroyed by better players when there is no lag.

But maybe I’m just salty because I main Viper and get shoryu’d out of my FFF combos online. :frowning: Either way I’d say just go to the arcades! I would love to live in SoCal or New York just so I could take part in the fighting game scenes there!

Yeah you know the connection is ass when you start to connect FFF and then just get shoryu’d after the first fierce. Doesn’t help that FFF isn’t safe on block. Damned Capcom.

online is terible imo you will level up much faster playingpeople in the arcade, not only is lag a major issue its the army of ryu’s that do not have a clue what they are doing with 20,000 points . playing them will give u bad habits u’ll expect threre scrubby tatics and wont know what to do when you hit the arcade and nobody is doing anyhthing like that at all.

To be honest, I’d say play online until you feel comfortable with your execution and learn some of the matchups. You don’t want to go into the arcade and not even be able to pull off your moves consistently when everyone else there is on the mind game-level. No point in paying to get pummeled because you couldn’t do the basics consistently.

But for most people, sooner is better for the arcade. Assuming you know how to play a bit first. :wink: