How many ground bounces can you really do in a combo?

I’m confused about the rule of ground bounces in combos. Guides say that you can normally only do one ground bounce in a combo, but this isn’t true. Proof: Do Nova’s Air S then Nova Slam. Bam! That’s two ground bounces already. Why would guides say you can only do one ground bounce?

The rule is one ground bounce per combo. Nova’s air S isn’t a ground bounce.

What you can do, though, is reset the ground bounce. There are moves that cause forced ground bounce (e.g. Dante’s air qcf+H). These moves will cause a ground bounce regardless of how many you did beforehand.

Internally, what forced ground bounce moves do is reset the ground bounce for your combo, which is why you can cause another ground bounce. If you hit them with a forced ground bounce move but hit them before they touch the ground (e.g. float them high before hitting with Dante’s air qcf+H, then catch them with qcb+L before they land), the ground bounce count for the combo will be reset and you can ground bounce normally later on (e.g. DHC to Vergil, you get a free ground bounce with srk+M).