How many HDR entrants for evo 2009

Man i thought this would be easy information to find. I found that sf4 had like 1000+ but i can’t find anything on HDR except that it was the 2nd most entered game… but i’d like more concrete numbers.

I remember seeing 32 man brackets with at around 5- 7 byes in my pool. There were around 14 to 16 pools against the far wall plus matches being played on stage. My guess that it was between 300 to 400 entrants.

Also, don’t quote me on that LOL. I just remember the bracketeers holding a huge paper, and it had like 32 players on that. For the pools, I remember that there were 1 through 10 for sure but there were some people who’s pool numbers were out of order (Jumped to 19 or something like that.).

I don’t think a concrete number was ever posted but it was very close to about 320.