How many hours a day do you train?



I just got done with a nice 4+ hour championship mode session, and I got to thinking…how much time should I be spending in training mode, with my input display on, grinding it out? So this post is just a poll, how often do you train and, I suppose, how helpful do you find it to be? Do you feel like you make more significant strides in your game play during training mode, or while playing PvP???


I don’t spend alot of time in training mode, unless I want to try something new out. I did alot in the beginning, when I couldn’t get the comboes consistently though


well once you know you’re bnb’s there isn’t much else to do in training mode unless you’re having trouble with a particular attack, other thatn that it’s always good to test out you’re reaction on real opponents


Don’t take this the wrong way, this isn’t a diss post! But:

– Can you short slide xx super? Do you know the range in which you can pull this cancel off?
– Do you know what moves combo on Counter Hit that dont combo normally?
– Can you reversal full-screen teleport on cross-up every time?
– Can you do c.b+Jab, b+Short every time? Can you cancel that back-Short into an HP Fire every time? How about into a teleport? How about into an instant overhead?


Training mode goes way, way beyond BnB xx Super.


Never do just online, and never do just training. I like to bookend sessions playing online with training mode so I can keep a good reference of the correct timing. Also, try to play with friends who have good connections to at least alleviate some of the lag issues.
Use online for amtchups and strats. What works and what doesn’t? Does what didn’t work ever work? Try out stuff you were getting beat by and test it out. Practice fundamentals of spacing and zoning.


NDRWPNDY you’re right I kinda over exaggerated on the training mode thing, executon is key especialy with sim.


New forum member here.

For me, playing as Dhalsim against real players offline and fine tuning combos in training mode are the most benifitial when it comes to leveling up. I’ve been going to some of the local bay area spots to play on the arcade cabs practicing at least 1 time a week.

I’m still trying to train myself how to react faster to attacks since I tend to get anti airs out later than I should. But yeah, I’d say practicing with Dhalsim in training mode and the arcades have made me a better player, even if I do lose a lot.


Welcome to the club, Mega Mike :slight_smile:

And Niko, honestly you’re right too. I mean training mode is dope to get techniques down, but techniques are no good if they can’t be applied and used in split-second situations!

Basically, what Konkrete said.


what I meant to say, lol

Well if you compare Dhalsim to the rest of the cast, I think it’s more important learning each match-up very well and getting you’re reaction and spacing on point, I really try not to take to much chances with Dhalsim, because it could cost you the match, I tend to stick with what I know will work.


training mode is something i use frequently to practice a whole heap of things as i find im never comfortable using them in a proper match until ive spent at least an hour in the training mode trying it from different distances etc etc and not just for sim either.

i still cant get the back+mkxxflame consistent even in training so theres no way i can do it in a match purely on reaction yet…


I don’t train…well I train but only with characters like Vega beacause I play on PC with the keyboard and their ultra combos are hard to do…


training mode is sexy as fuck nuff said:


I don’t have a schedule but I use training mode sometimes to make sure I’m sharp with my useful comboes. I have nothing interesting to add.