How Many Hours Have You Played So Far?


I’m new: 106 hours.

I consistently beat: Flowchart ken, people who can’t consistently use special moves/people who don’t know how to tech throws.

I consistently lose to: actual players, people who understand how to play the game at more than a button mashing level, some “advanced” scrubs who know how to tick throw and/or use a lp srk as a wakeup instead of FLAMING SHORYUKEN! Any Zangief who no longer needs to jump to input a spd.

What about you? (edit: feel free to follow the format too, not just list the hours, but you can do what you want.)


around 1500 or something


2 many. my gfs getting pissed


sucks for you, mine thinks its cute and she wants to go to evo next year.




90 so far.


More than everyone in this thread combined so far and I’d still probably lose to each one of you…

Mine too. high fives for having awesome GF’s


170 for me


244 :expressionless: and my game got corrupt once, so who knows.


my clock is messed up it shows 9999:99. I want to know!


over 400 but i play alot less online and more offline these days.


same here. i wonder why it does that.


744 cause i’m the best EVAR and i’m in SG so you know it must be true! :looney:


Xbox360 bugged, it lists my played time as all 9’s


About 250 hours so far, still having a tough time learning all of Rog’s matchups.


230 hours so far.


10.1 hours


haha ok sinokin


320ish right now


I don’t even want to look.

3 versions of the game, it just isn’t healthy. Not healthy at all… :\