How many hours have you played USFIV for?




Mr. new guy



I’ve got about 170 on PS3 and 20 on PC.
So almost 200.


Well… Between Xbox 360 while playing with friends during weekends (around 6 to 8 hours pretty much non-stop, we put up 3 console with 3 0 lag monitors) and about… 15 on PC since it came out, i’d say around… 40, give or take. When they fix the netcode the Counter on Steam will probably Skyrocket.


USFIV 150 hours, with PC and Xbox combined
The other counter in total from super until now is something else though…


Maybe less than 20 hours.


If i combine the time i spent on AE GFWL plus AE Steam plus USFIV Steam… I should be around… 400-500 hours.


I’m sure someone has more hours than me, but I have around 947 hours on Xbox360 USF4 and around 5 hours on PC usf4.


I’m up to 25 hours on Steam. If anyone finds themselves beating up on “The Ebony Warrior,” that would be me haha…


26 Hours according to Steam, though that’ll be a lot of "Failed to Join Game"s in Ranked eating away so there’ll be less -actual- gameplay


Ebony Warrior was actually an old xbox name lol



If we’re talking about from Super to now, then around 10,000 hours
(crazy I know).

Just Ultra though? 105, though 70%+ has just been in training mode, as I like just dicking around/finding new setups in Ultra more than I actually like playing against other people. I did play for around 5 hours today against others for the first time in about a month just to see if I could get to 3000PP with Rolento…I got to 2912 :confused:




ultra…less then 10.


around 1200 ~


over 9000 hours and still rising!




Total in SF4? 20 hours, maybe?

Mostly in training trying to get the motions in my muscle memory.

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